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    Default CN vs CSS vs CTI vs CSA

    Hey everyone,
    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon to a Couples resort in July and are having a tough time deciding which one we should go to! We are 26 and enjoy being active, so we like all of the different day excursions Couples offers as opposed to Sandals and Secrets. We aren't crazy about going au naturel, but wouldn't be too bothered by others taking advantage of this freedom. We will definitely take advantage of the water activities offered by the resorts and will also partake in any nightlife that is going on. I know we will have a great time at whichever one we go with, but we thought we might be able to get some feedback leading the perfect selection for us!

    Any help/comparisons/Pro Cons list would be awesome!

    We appreciate all of your help in advance!

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    6th trip to csa is booked so you know which one we like best. They all have their plusses but we think csa has it all. A world class beach, beautiful grounds, lots of restaurants and food choices, nice rooms, the best sports complex on the island, easy access to Seven mile beach and spectacular sunsets. Email me if you'd like a few pictures of paradise

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    We have stayed at CTI, CSS, and CN. Of those 3. I would suggest either CTI or CN. I think you would find CSS a little too laid back.

    Enjoy your wedding!

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    First, Welcome to Couples.

    There is a huge problem with any question like this. Many people will tell you their favorite Couples resort is the best, even if they have not been to the other resorts. So answers to a question like this will be skewed.

    The real question is what Couples resort is the best for you? Strangers on the Internet can not answer this question for you. You are the only person who can best answer this question. Something to consider. There is no wrong answer to this question. All Couples resorts are a great choice. Some will be better than others in their own way, but overall each are equally nice. No Couples resort is age specific so your age really makes no difference.

    Each Couples resort will be the same in that the quality of the staff, facilities, entertainment, inclusions, food, etc, will be very similar. The quality of the nightlife will be similar at each resort and will have at least one location that will stay open late into the night. All will have a decent House Band. Couples will not have the cookie cutter sameness like larger resort chains. Each resort will be different with its own vibe. With that said I will tell you my thoughts on each resort. Not in any particular order.

    CSA is the largest of these resorts. CSA was our first couples experience and we are returning this year. CSA is the most expensive but there are less expensive rooms to help with your budget. CSA is located on 7 mile beach and has the largest white sand beach. A good and a bad thing. In Jamaica the area close to the water on the beach is considered public property. Because of this you will find a constant parade of vendors and outsiders on the beach. Some people aren't bothered by this. CSA is the only Couples resort that does not have AN sunbathing. Something about the beaches in the Negril area. They have some of the most breathtaking sunsets on the planet. The last times we were there the Dico near the Aura lounge stayed open until the last person left. If you go here make it a point to visit the Ultimate Chocolate.

    We haven't been to CN so I can only give some very general observations. We plan on taking a day trip to this resort on our next trip to CSA. There is a major renovation happening at a large resort adjacent to CN. If you go there, you may want to request a room away from that side of the resort. This construction is also near the AN section. You will find less foot traffic on their beach, but there will still be some, including the AN beach. This is a smaller Couples resort. An observation about the smaller Couples resorts. The staff at these smaller resorts seem to remember you better. They may remember things like your names, your favorite drink, your favorite wine with dinner, etc.

    We have been to CTI twice. Another smaller Couples resort. Something about the resorts in the Ocho Rios area. There are many more off resort excursion opportunities in this area. You can also do some of these excursions from the Negril resorts, but plan on spending much of your day riding a bus. CTI was the original all inclusive resort in Jamaica opened by Abe Issa in 1949. It has the most history. If you go there, check out the pictures in the piano bar, very cool. CTI has the closest thing to a private beach. A sea wall with a rocky area to one side and cliffs on the other side. This isolates the beach from outsiders. It is also far enough out of town that you won't be bothered by vendors in the water. With the exception of Joe who sells seashells from a paddle board. But he will only come to you if you signal him and he is very low pressure. The beach is small but plenty large enough for the resort even during peak tourist season. Then there is the Island. Much more secluded AN area than the other resorts. Just the occasional boat.

    Finally there is CN. We haven't been there and most likely never will. Not that there is anything wrong with this resort. CN has lots of steps and inclines. My wife has a medical condition that makes climbing these steps and inclines difficult which is the only reason why we won't go here. As with all Couples resorts, the scenery is beautiful. This is the only Couples that does not include the Catamaran cruise. This resort had some recent major renovations. There have been some reports of some loud parties on an adjacent private property next to the AN area. I don't think these are too frequent but they do happen.

    These are my brief generalizations about Couples. The great thing is that there is no wrong choice. Now it is up to you to do some of your own homework. Begin by checking out all of the pages on the main Couples website. Maybe download the brochure. Another good place to look is Youtube. You will find lots of official and unofficial videos from each resort. Search for Couples followed by the resort name. You can also try the same search in Google. Then go to the photos page and you will find lots of pictures of each resort.

    Eventually one of these resorts will call to you more than the others. Try that resort.

    Finally. Make sure you register with the Romance Rewards program. This will do a couple of things for you, even a first timer. You can do the pre check in. This saves a little time at the front desk as they will already have much of the information you would fill out in the arrival forms. You can also make your selections for your mini bar. Something that may interest you is you can request a Trading Spaces to the other resort in town. If you like it you might try it on your next trip.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 36 more days until we return to CSA.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    I would suggest searching the many "Which resort is best for us?" threads however, off the cuff you sound like the ideal CSA people. They have the largest sports facility, all water sports activities, the longest beach, no au naturel option although topless is allowed on the beach and have the Aurora night club for the nightlife you are interested in. Enjoy!!

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    We have only been to CTI but from personal experience, combined with what I have read here on the boards, we appreciated the private beaches the resorts in Ocho Rios offered compared to the shared beaches on the Negril side.

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    Mad Jack - you called CSS CN above....

    But Jack is right - there is no best answer for everyone, though many of us have our favorites. We are CN people (8th stay coming in April, 1 CSA, 2 CSS...none at CTI - yet). I would welcome the opportunity to stay at any of the properties. If beach is critical, go to the Negril side of the island.

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    I have been to all four of them and agree with Mad Jack that each resort is different. One correction to his review is that the last resort he mentions is Couples San Souci (CSS), not CN. which he reviewed earlier in his post. CSS was the last one we visited as until recently it was all the sports activities that attracted me to the others. I am writing this now from CSS and while I agree that the hills and steps could be challenging for anyone who has difficulty walking, we loved our experience. CSS is the most lush and may be the most laid back of the four resorts. there are still lots of activities, especially water related activities to enjoy. We met lots of young guests including many honeymooners who were loving their experience at CSS.

    So here is my take:

    If a beautiful beach is your primary desire, then go to CN or CSA. If water activities are your most important selection item, then CSA provides the most choices. If participation in the activities is important, I would select CTI. If you just love a piano bar, Ultimate Chocolate at CSA will ring your bell. If relaxation and lush beauty is what you are looking for, then CSS would be my choice. If you want to make sure you have a good time, then any of the Couples Resorts will do. You can't go wrong.

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    We have been to all four and it will be our 13th trip next month. Our original prerequisites were a nice beach and sunset. That being said, CSA is our favorite. We sit on the beach every evening and watch the sunsets. Each resort has its own charm but for us, its the beach.

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