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    Default Serious Concerns about AirLink Express

    Decided to take AirLink Express from MBJ to Negril in December 2015.
    The reservation process worked smoothly and we were told we can pay after the flight to Negril.
    Upon arrival we were so rushed by the AirLink representative at the Couples reception area we didn't even have a chance to have a drink or go to the restroom.
    The process of getting to the AirLink aircraft is a painfully long, long walk along with towing your luggage, leaving the terminal, walking down the sidewalk, then back into the terminal, and going through security again.
    Well, AirLink does describe their aircraft as from a 4 to 8 passenger aircraft.
    A 4 passenger single engine Cessna was awaiting our boarding. The porters put our baggage at the very rear two seats and asked us to take the seats in front.
    I am a large man and I had a very, very horrible time boarding the plane. I would suggest that if you weigh more than 225 pounds forget it.
    While we were seated the attendant said that another person was going to join the flight so we had to wait for their arrival.
    After about 20 minutes we discovered that only two very large suitcases were coming with us.
    The attendants didn't have enough room for all of the luggage now so they took one of our large suitcases off of the rear seat and actually, physically shoved and kicked our bag into a small outside belly compartment under the pilot's seat. That was worry some to see that.
    Flight was ok and took only 15 minutes to land in Negril.
    Getting out of the Cessna was l little easier.
    But now the attendants there couldn't pull our suitcase out of the belly compartment. They tried and tried as we watched with serious concern.
    They attendants were sweating and in frustration asked us to move away from what they were trying to do. They got some kind of board and pryed out our bag. But they also broke one of the wheels. Of course, they are not responsible for damage.
    We paid our fare by credit card. I was offered some "good stuff" if you know what I mean. The taxi driver seemed insulted when I asked what the cab fare was to CN.
    He said don't worry about it. Actually CN was literally across the highway. We could have walked. I paid the driver $5 + a $5 tip for handling the bags. While we were registering in the shuttle bus pulled up with the two people we saw waiting ate the reception area at the airport.
    Go figure. This excursion cost us $280 airfare + $5 each x 2 porters + $15 each pilot and copilot +$5 for the guy that pulled out our broken suitcase + $10 taxi. Total $320. Never again.

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    We had almost a similar experience with Timair (had used them numerous times). Get to the plane told they are waiting for 1 other couple, well after a very long time waiting they show up. We get to CSA after the shuttle, lesson learned never again and we do enjoy the shuttle. We just try to schedule our arrival flight to land as early as possible in the morning. No worries, September soon come. Irie!!!!

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    No flying gas cans for me!!

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    I was seriously thinking about surprising my wife with a flight, but after reading, I think I'll keep the money and use it on Mobay and a nice wood fish!

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    A couple that we are friends with and travels to Jamaica often and has been going longer than us, have taken one or both of these connecting flights sometimes when they go to Negril (they tend to go to the "H" resort mostly, although they did join us at CSS 2 years ago and said they liked it, well, she liked it and he wasn't overly thrilled by it). Anyway, he, being a farmer and able to fly a crop duster is able to pilot at least a small plane. On one of their flights to Negril, our friend mentioned to the pilot of whichever transfer they took that he flew a plane back home - the pilot then offered to let him fly and turned over the controls to our friend! After flying the plane most of the way to Negril, the real pilot then offered to let our friend land the plane too, which he [wisely] declined. While I would trust our friend not to put us in danger, I'd watch closely who is flying the plane if/when you take these connections.

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    Sorry to hear you started off your trip on a sour note , but you do have a story that someday you wil be able to look back at and laugh about,maybe. On a side note- i can think of several times i've done something way may questionable , that cost more than $320.00 ! mike

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    We have taken TimAir 4 or 5 times (love it). Once there was a delay as we waited for the plane coming from Kingston (I think). All in all, we love it and will likely be flying TimAir this April. It is an exciting way to start a vacation.

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    well as we are only at CSA for a week this time I decided to splurge out on Tim air. That way I get a swim/drink/kiss & cuddle before sunset & going back Lunch at resort before the flight back to MBJ. We hopefully MBJ arrive 2.50 pm on our Thompson flight from Birmingham, UK and will have the expedited arrival meet & greet service together us through to baggage hall / customs. Plane back is at 5 pm and they are suggesting leaving Negril airstrip at 2.30 pm.

    Will give all our experience on return 24 March.

    Do they book the cab from Negril airstrip to the CSA property. I know it's not that far, should be 15 USD? + tip?

    Hope it all goes well, spending some of me bonus, & it's a surprise for The Mrs.


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    We have flown both airlines the past 4 years from MBJ to Negril and have never had to wait for more than 20 minutes. And the shuttle has never beaten us to Negril. We mostly spend the money because we enjoy the flight and scenery, and to catch a sunset on the beach. We enjoy the walk to the other terminal after a long flight but the experience can be chaotic- but it's Jamaica so just go with the flow. We take the shuttle on our return and that's fine too. Cheers and happy returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveggetit View Post

    Do they book the cab from Negril airstrip to the CSA property. I know it's not that far, should be 15 USD? + tip?
    There is a taxi waiting at the Negril Aerodrome. He charges $20 to CSA.

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    Yes, me too...several times.
    But my wife is not smiling about a $200 suitcase with a missing wheel.

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