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    Default What is up with the nude island at TI

    I arrived here at tower island on the 24th and the nude island and water sports are grounded. Does anyone know if they will open before I go home on the 3rd. It sucks we choose this resort and no island to see or water sports, for Christmas.

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    The island is normally open between about 10AM until about 5PM daily. Maybe it is after hours.

    They generally close the island for two reasons. First being Red Flag conditions. Whenever the waves get much more than about 3 feet or so, they will post a red flag on the beach. When there is a red flag all water sports activities are suspended. This includes the shuttle boat to the island. This is for everyone's safety.

    The other time they will close the island is if there is a private party or wedding booked on the island. They will usually keep the island open for a few hours later either the day before or a day after the private party or wedding to compensate for the inconvenience.

    This is just about the last place I would ask this question. You may be home before you get the correct answer. Over a holiday like this it can take days for Carrie or Michelle to post the updates to this message board. They deserve to enjoy the holiday like everyone else.

    You are there on the resort now. Why not ask to speak to the manager on duty? You could also go to the Water Sports shack near the pier and ask them. You could also look at the bulletin board near the entrance to the Patio restaurant. Many times they will list changes in the daily activities here. Or simply call the front desk and ask. You could have had your answer almost immediately instead of waiting for a wild guess from someone who is not part of the Couples staff.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 51 days until we return to CSA
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