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    Default recommendations on room type?

    We are getting ready to book our first trip to CN and I'm wondering if any of you have recommendations as to the type of room to book. We're specifically wondering if the suites are worth the extra $. Our trip is short - 4 nights. We plan to spend our time at the beach, by the pool, or eating. We're not planning to leave the resort but may do one or two of the included excursions.

    Thank you!

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    While I can't speak for the suites, we always get a deluxe garden room. We are hardly in the room to make it worth spending the extra money. The money we save goes to excursions that are not included, such as Appleton Estate. This room is plenty big enough, has a nice patio or deck, and suits our needs. Welcome to Couples!

    Duane & Mary 28 days and counting

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    We started with a garden room and now always do garden suite. Are these important to you: jacuzzi tub, hammock, huge bathroom, rain shower? If so, book a suite. If not, go for a regular room and save a lot of money.

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    Good evening! We book an Ocean View Room. Like a63vetteowner.....we don't spend a huge amount in our room. During the early morning and evening hours, we enjoy the view of the ocean. We request a 3rd floor room. The views are spectacular. The cost is not much more than a Garden View Room. You will love Couples Negril.

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    Choose a garden room. We spend all day at the beach and enjoy coming back to our lush green garden area room in the afternoon.
    I like the rooms very much. You don't spend that much time in the room anyway so a suite is unnecessary, I think.
    You are going to love the resort.

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    Our first trip was a suite (6301) during high season. We loved it! That said, every other trip has been a Garden and it suits us just fine. I would rather take 2 off-season trips in a Garden room.

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    The beach front suites really aren't beach front. We stayed in one last year. They are closest to the beach, but the view is not of the beach. They are really nice rooms though. Huge bathrooms and the outside wall is all sliding glass doors. My wife thinks she has to stay in the nicest rooms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    My wife thinks she has to stay in the nicest rooms?
    Our recent stay at CSS, I forget the room category (beachfront? It was building B) Since the room was recently refurbished, everything looked brand new...trim freshly painted, fixtures all new. If I was told we were the first to stay in the room I wouldn't have been surprised. It was really nice. (a thing or two I could pick nits about, but it is Christmas )

    Merry Christmas and wishing you all a 2016 return home to Couples.

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