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    Default weather in january

    What sort of weather can we expect at CTI during the last 2 weeks of January ?

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    We generally go to Jamaica in mid February and the weather shouldn't be much different than in late January.

    Jamaica really doesn't have a winter. During January it is a little cooler than in summer, but not by a lot. Daytime highs are in the mid 80's F (30C) and overnight lows are in the low 70's (22C). Of course there is no set weather and anything can happen. Even Couples can't control Mother Nature.

    You are in a tropical location and there is always a possibility of rain. But there is generally less rain this time of year than during the rainy season. We've been lucky and only saw rain a couple of times during our trips in February. Again, even Couples can't control Mother Nature.

    It should be plenty warm enough to frolic in the ocean, enjoy the island, go to Dunn's River Falls, etc. But even if the weather doesn't cooperate, there really isn't much you can do about it other than to make the best of things.

    This link may be helpful.

    Enjoy your trip to paradise

    Only 64 more days until we return to CSA
    Jack and Kathy
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    macgregor we arrive at CTI Jan 16th and stay till Jan. 22nd
    Hope to run into you there.
    In the Meetup area on the MB, there is a thread called: "CTI January 2016" with a few other couples that will be there around the same time.
    Just looked a for Ocho Rios.

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    Brent & Janel

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