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    Default Anyone Cancelling their Trip???

    My husband and I just finally got vacation approved and will be the first vacation we have been able to take in five years!!! We are trying to be there on the 26th or some time that week, but obviously everything shows booked. I tried to send a message to CSA but nobody got back to me with good or bad news.

    Is anyone having to cancel their room for that week?? We would love to take your place if you have any last minute changes

    Please email me or my husband and we will work with CSA to take over your room without any cancellation penalties or anything.

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    If you can't book CSA, which by the way is very nice, try another of the Couples locations. After 3 trips to CSA we tried CTI and loved it so much we have been back there 3 times with another trip booked this August. Yes, the resorts are different but we would like any of the resorts and go without any hesitation. Don't try and compare one with the other as there will be differences but just go with an open mind and enjoy Jamaica.

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    Did you try calling 1 800 couples? That's why we usually book a year in advance. Current trip for Oct of 2016 was booked last February. You have to plan ahead especially for high season.

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    Have you tried calling Couples?

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    You have to Call the resort. They may be able to find a room for you. That's what we did and they were able to help us.

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