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    Default I want to choose a wedding dress

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    They are both beautiful. Just remember it's the tropics and in my opinion, the less fabric and the lightest fabric the better. Email me at if you'd like a couple of pictures of what I wore twice . Anything goes really but just remember it's hot even in the mornings and the humidity can be brutal depending on what time of year.

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    They both look really beautiful! If you are confused you can look for more designs on the Google!

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    Go with the first one, it's so beautiful

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    Here are some points that helps you to choose the right one:

    1. Find that wedding dress which express your personality in the best way.
    2. Try to find something appropriate to your style and figure.
    3. It should be something not too expensive, nor too cheap.
    4. Choose something comfortable, made from a soft fabric.

    To get more wedding dress ideas read the blog post at

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    @jvs223, Too cute!! I love this
    I liked this one (for me) best:

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