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    Default I may have made a huge mistake...

    We visited CN for the first time in November 2015. This was our first time out of the country and so of course we had no idea what to expect. My Husband was not even excited about the trip at all at first. All that changed when we arrived and spent 6 beautiful nights and 7 magical days in paradise! we couldn't stop smiling...we both fell in love and have not one complaint! Our last night at the resort he was already looking into booking our next trip and having me email our TA. we are now booked for October 2016... we are both so excited to return home! We love CN. we Love Jamaica! we are in our early 30's and I have always talked about traveling and experiencing new places! I thought this trip would be a start to all the new places we would travel to and see! I have one problem..... my husband is STUCK on CN!! he says no other place will compare, no better place exist!! We met so many returners during our trip that said CN (Couples in General) is their #1 vacation spot! I too feel CN was and is amazing but i didn't expect to make it the one and only place we ever experience outside of the U.S.
    I may have made a huge mistake by making our first trip out of the Country to the Beautiful Couples Negril in Jamaica!!

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    No mistake but One Love

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    There's no mistake. There is nothing wrong with returning to CN.

    Ourselves, we like to change things up a bit. The last thing we want is for Couples to become too mundane and familiar. We decided to not go to the same Couples resort more than two times in a row.

    We haven't tried CN yet. Our next trip is a return to CSA. We are planning a day trip to CN to check it out. If we like what we see we may try it on a future trip.

    A word of caution if you decide to try the other Couples Resorts. It is unfair to make direct comparisons to any of the Couples resorts. All are a little different and each will have its own vibe. Each will have its strong and its weak points. But if you look at the overall picture each one is equally as nice in their own way. You will find avid return guests at any Couples Resort.

    Enjoy your return trip to paradise

    Only 70 more days until we return to CSA
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    M&G - go back to CN, then go back again. You will know when to try another (Couples) resort. CN is our home but also look forward to returning to CSA. We are at CSS right now and hope to be back someday.

    There is no mistake in finding Couples.

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    Default We made the same mistake 9 years ago......

    My wife Kelly and I have been together for 12 years. We both had previous marriages and between the two of us 5 children and now 2 grand children. I am 48 and she is 37. 9 years ago we finally got to the point we could start taking some great vacations. I never heard of couples. Been to the S resort and their other resort Beaches in Jamaica with my ex wife. So I booked couples Negril with no research at all. Been back every year except 1 since 2008. We cant even think of going anywhere else. Some pics from over the years....
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    Welcome! We are mid to late 50's and feel the same way. Our TA mentioned CN seven years ago, and we never looked back. We do cruises but it's not CN. The piano bar is great and a lot of fun! We are heading back for number 7 in 42 days. It can't come quick enough!

    Duane & Mary

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    We just went through the exact same feelings as you and your husband, only our visit was to CTI. Your words could have been written by myself (except for the early 30's part - LOL!). No other place in the world even sounds good to us anymore except Jamaica. It's a wonderful feeling! We're looking forward to returning soon.

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    From now on, nothing will ever compare to cn I'm afraid. Our first couples experience was csa and we've tried css and cn on a Trading Places day. All the couples resorts are great in their own way but your first will always be the best. I do encourage you to check out csa on a trading places day, you never know you may be amazed. You can always go back to cn.

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    Your husband if right. We are making our 9th trip to CN in February. There's no place like it.
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    LOL! Post six years ago...Mexico, Cuba, Antigua, Dominican Republic. Now, my wife and I have not traveled anywhere else since our first Couples Jamaica trip 6 years ago.
    My only suggestion would be to try either CTI or CSS some time, simply to see Dunns River falls.

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    Think of it this way... You found your 'home' on your first try. It took us about a dozen trips to different locations and different resorts in Jamaica. Some day we may get the urge to try other places again, but for now CN is THE one for us.

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    We love new places and yet are on our 12th! trip to CN over Christmas. We do "new experiences" in the summer and CN in the winter. Works for us.

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    Our TA recommended CSA for our 25th wedding anniversary back in 2006. We wanted a nice beach where we could watch sunsets. Out of twelve trips, we have now visited all four Couples properties and CSA is still our favorite "home". CSA soon come in February.
    Life is good

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    If you want to try something different but the same, try out the other 3 Couples resorts. They are all the same but different. Most people love them all, we do. We have tried them all and now the problem is....Which one do we go to this year. Well actually we will be going back in 2017 to celebrate 25 years together. Hoping to do 2 weeks and 2 resorts. BUT which two do we do? Oh what a terrible problem to have, deciding on a trip between four great resorts. It is a win win situation.

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    We have been to CSS five times (in a row) and I'm afraid that we are maxxed out now. I like it as a resort and it has everything we love in a resort but it has become too same'y. I can't believe that the other Couples resorts can really be any more special or different. In any case, by not going elsewhere (outside the Caribbean) you will be missing a whole world. In the USA you have pretty much every kind of scenery, weather, sport, luxury etc that man could want. Hence, only 8% of Americans have passports. I get that but why ignore other cultures, food, beaches, oceans, mountains, rivers and in short, experiences? It seems completely mad! Sure, go back to your chosen Couples resort, or somewhere else in the Caribbean area but don't forget, most places are pretty much the same in that area and you'll always be comparing it to Couples (thus committing it to second place always! After all, even at Sandy Lane in Barbados there is no AN section! hehe).

    I get the Couples thing but please feel free to visit Europe, Australasia, South Pacific, India, Ceylon, UAE, Africa....need I mention any more?

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    Welcome to your new addition... Embrace it... Love it...

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    we went to CSS in Oct 2014, after 17 yrs of marriage and not having a vacation to ourselves, since the honeymoon. We fell in love with SSB/CSS, booked the October 2015 trip immediately upon return home. This year we waited until the Black Friday sale to book Oct 2016.

    Can't wait to get back to CSS

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    I agree with Murtle, this will be our 4th visit to CSS (7th to Couples) and it is a bit samey. We have explored most of the Caribbean islands, Europe, Greek Islands India and Africa but Couples is like a comfort blanket's always there and you know what to expect so roll on Feb 18th when we return but having just returned from Dom Republic this simply reaffirmed our view that the world is a large place just waiting to be explored. Just saying.

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    THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to reply! I love seeing the list of places you all have been and I love even more that you STILL find your way back to Couples again and again! even after visiting all those beautiful places! WOW! That alone says so much!! I feel much better about becoming a Repeater and now i know for sure it was NOT a mistake! Couples is truly is a that was found on our first try!! THANKS AGAIN!
    I guess there's only one thing left for me to do.... tell my husband ...."you were RIGHT"!

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    The solution to this issue is to go on vacation twice a,year.

    We do our April trip for two weeks to a non couples resort then do our August trip for two weeks to Couples.

    This year we are doing St. Lucia in April then a CTI/CN SPLIT IN August. IT can't come fast enough.

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