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    Default July 2016

    We just got back from our Wedding/Honeymoon at Couples Tower Isle, Nov 20th thru Nov 29th, 2015 and had a fantastic time! Received an email offer for $250 resort credit and couldn't resist booking our summer vacation July 1st thru July 9th at Couples Swept Away. Anyone else planning on being there?

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    Dave and I will be there June 29 thru July 7. Maybe we'll see you at the swim up bar!

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    We will be there July 16th - 23rd!

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    Default First Timers

    First Timers Here!

    My husband and I will be there 7/14-7/20 celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We are also doing a vow renewal. I am so excited!

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    Spending our 25th at CSA for the 3rd time, can't wait to go back home.. drinks on me

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    Default CSA/Palms Renovation

    Hello All future July CSA guests- recently read on message board that Palms will be renovated. Possibly starting sometime in July through December- not sure if those are the official dates but the poster noted that information was provided through online chat with Couples. So wondering any July travelers going to CSA around July 11th or soon there after can post about their experience with the Renovation going on and relocation of the restaurant(s). Would be great info for us future travelers or perhaps a good opportunity to consider another Couples Resort that we haven't been to yet. CSA obviously being our preference and favorite. Any first hand info & experiences for July travelers would be much appreciated.

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    My husband and I will be at CSA July 2nd to July 9th to celebrate our 25th anniversary. It's our seventh time since our honeymoon in 1991. It's my favorite place, it's too bad we can't afford to go every year, but we go every few years.

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    Hub by and I are booked july 11 to 22 but I am trying to change it to 2 weeks

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    We are going to be at CSA June 29-July 6 for our 10 year vow renewal with our good friends from Minnesota!! Anyone else going to be there then?

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    We will be back to one of our favorite places on earth 7/18 to 7/25 and then staying at CSS from 7/25 to 7/28. This will be our 7th X at CSA, been to CTI 2x and our 1st X at CSS. The next upcoming weeks cannot go by fast enough!!

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    Back to CSA for our 1st anniversary July 26-Aug 2. 10 days until we're home

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    We are going on those exact dates this year to get married. Kind of nervous as for we picked the 4pm time slot and I heard it rains every day at 4pm?

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    Default July 2016

    Here you go fellas meet the 7th July if ya all want, I have already contacted you AB via a P.M. Hopefully you are still up for it.
    Looking forward to it mate. If anyone else is interested just yell out.

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