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    Default orientation movie at CSA?

    I thought the orientation was a tour of the resort with a memeber of the entertainment staff. I read on some thread that it was just a movie shown in the great house. Is this true

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    Someone at CSA apparently short-cutted the orientation process. We are looking into this. Staff is supposed to show new guests around the property as well.

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    Glad to hear that the walking tour still exists. Whilst it's a matter of choice whether you participate in the orientation, it provides a lot of useful information.

    When we visited COR a few years ago, we were only there 3 days and didn't attend an orientation which left us guessing about many things. Last year we stayed at CN for 7 days, and we did the orientation on the day we arrived. It was a great way to walk slowly around and familiarize ourselves with CN and all it had to offer.

    My take is that if you're only there for a very short time, watch the movie. But if you're there longer, definitely take the tour.

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    Thanks Randymon for replying to this.
    I did not think Couples would eliminate the orientation for new guests, it is too important!

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    been there last 4yrs in nov. the staff has given @least 2 tours a day

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    Default CSA orient.

    been to CSA each nov. for the last 4 yrs. and there has been a staff lead orien @least 2 times a day

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    two weeks ago we saw the guided tour being held. folks really do need to see it all first hand.


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    We are going on our first there any way to see the video before we go? That would help and give us more beach time.

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    The movie beforehand idea is a good one. Excited first timers may be willing to pay for one, so it could be minor profit pool for Couples and a great fix for the huge anticipation so many of us feel.

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    Hi, I was probably the one that started the other thread. We were the ones that only got to see the movie. But it was on the day they had the beach anniversary party. Looking back we should have gone the next day for the tour and/or couples should have postponed the tour... if the reason he didnt give us a walking tour was because of the party. The staff members name was Akeem (spelling probably not correct) He did answer our questions we had while watching the film & questions we had about the Great House Gift Shops. He was very polite and friendly. I only wished we had the walking tour... I didn't want to miss anything at CSA. Again... maybe it was because of the anniversary beach party ... I'm just not sure.
    However ... we will return to CSA and I plan on asking for the walking tour. And soaking it all up ...

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    We always do the orientation every time we go to Couples. It is well worth the time even if you have been to that resort before. We have always had the walking tour, so I am sure that it was a fluke that they missed it one day. The one at CSA was invaluable. It lasted an hour due to the size of the resort, but even though we were just there on a day pass, we were both very glad we went on it. It was Great!

    I agree about making the video available prior to visiting the resort. I would like to watch it every now and then just to take be back to paradise for a while. It may also be a very good selling tool.
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    Hey Randymon,

    What's the possibility of taking Jon and Wally's idea, making the orientation video available prior to visiting the resort, a reality by having one done for each resort with a link on their web page? Any chance of something like this being done? I am not suggesting that this should be a substitute for the walking tour as we've found them to be very beneficial in our visits to CSS and CTI and are looking forward to seeing what CSA has to offer this April.

    Thanks in advance,

    Bart & Bug

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    Greetings to all:

    I agree that a professional quality orientation video may be helpful to encourage more guests to stay at our resorts. The cost of doing this would be substantial and we need to make sure that the quality is consistent with the image we are trying to portray.

    Also, we believe the best orientation needs to be conducted in person at the resort, including a walk of the property.

    Never Say Never, but...

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    There last June. Glad it was a walking tour as thats how we got to meet our beautiful tour guide and friend Clover.

    ETF (Lyn & Jan)

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    We had a walking tour but two days later it was pouring rain so they had people do the video tour - I think it just depends on the weather

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