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Thread: May 2016

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    Default May 2016

    May 1 through the 8th. Anyone else gonna be there?

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    Jim and Ruth from 4-28 to 5-5.
    First time to CN but last 2 years at CTI.

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    We will be there for 5-03 to 5-12 and were there in May of last year.

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    Good to see we will not be the only ones there. This will be our second trip and we had a great time on our first visit.

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    We will be there 5/8 to 5/20 6th time to CN LOVE the beach

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    We just booked yesterday for 5/15-5/22. Only been on a day pass so we are excited to really check the place out.

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    My bf and I just booked our trip this morning for 5/7-5/13. My parents are from Jamaica originally, so I visited often as a kid, but this will be my first time staying at a Resort instead of with family. My bf has never been to Jamaica so I am really excited to enjoy the resort and to share my culture with him!

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    My wife and I will be flying in 5-7 to 5-14. This is out first visit to a Couples Resort.

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    5/28 - 6/4 for us. First time to Couples, can't wait.

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    Clint and Lisa will be there 4th May-11th May...first timers

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    Lexi & Richie will be there 4/30-5/7. Our first time at CN but our second time in Negril. (We got married there 8 years ago!) Can't wait to return!

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    Hubby and I will be there May 5-10.. we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We havent been back since our honeymoon.. so excited to go back!!

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    4/30 - 5/7 first try at Couples, first time back to Jamaica in 23 years, we have been to Mexico a bunch, time for a change

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    51 days! Come on sunshine!

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    We will be there for the first time with Couples, 5/7/2016 to 5/14/2016, this will be our third visit to Jamaica, although it has been 13 years. Very excited for this vacation

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    Counting down from 45 days now till second trip home. 5-3-16

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    Timmy & Theresa will be there 5/28 - 6/3. This will be our 1st time at CN and our 1st "real" vacation - Can't wait!!!!

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    Chuck and Lyn from Indianapolis 5/14-5/21 celebrating Lyn's retirement

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    We are a split April and May trip..........but only 2 more week from right now! So ready!

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    Booking tomorrow May 1-7 First time at CN.

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    Mark and Lynn for a quick long weekend, May 14-17 to celebrate Mark's b-day #?. Been to Sans Souci several times, and this is our first visit to Negril. Can't wait!!!

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    We just booked and will be there May 14-21 at CN. So excited! We were there 5 years ago and decided on a spur of the moment vacation

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    Only 3 more sleeps and we are there!!!! We know the week will fly by but we are so excited!

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    Will be at CN 5-11 to 5-16. Short trip to celebrate our 35th. We were at CSA in March but wanted to be in Jamaica on our actual anniversary date.

    Life is good

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    Booked but had to change dates to May 3 to 10. Need to celebrate H's birthday.

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