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    Default Honeymoon destination help

    Hi everyone. My fiance and i are having a tough time trying to decide on a resort for our honeymoon in June 2016. We are in our early 20s and prefer a resort with activities and some nightlife. Also a romantic vibe. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to Couples.

    A word of caution when asking a question like this. Many people who frequent Couples may have a favorite resort. They will tell you that their favorite resort is the best, even if they have not actually stayed at the other resorts. This can make answers to a question like this somewhat skewed.

    A Romantic Vibe. What would you expect from a resort chain named Couples? Nearly every activity provided by the resort is very couples themed. Just about the most romantic place you can go.

    It is really unfair to make any direct comparisons to any of these resorts as each have strong points and weaker points, but overall one resort is as nice as the other. Each of the Couples resorts will be the same but also different. They aren't like some of the cookie cutter resorts you find with some of the larger resort chains. The quality of the staff, food, facilities, rooms, grounds, entertainment, etc will be the same at all of the Couples resorts. But each resort is also different with its own vibe. All will have similar entertainment. Some of the entertainers travel from one Couples resort to the other for special nights. They will also have a house band. All have similar after hours entertainment. Martini night, beach bonfire, piano bar, movie on the beach, etc. All Couples will have similar water Sports options. Snorkeling, Scuba, Kayak, Hobie Cat, Paddle boards, etc. One thing that I do like is that Couples is continually upgrading and maintaining their resorts. Even though some of the resorts are old, they are well maintained.

    I personally think the resorts on the Ocho Rios area are better if you plan any off resort excursions. There is more to do in this area off of the resort. If you go to the Ocho Rios area attractions from Negril you will spend much of your day riding a bus. Dunn's River Falls is included for free at CSS and CTI, costs extra from the Negril resorts. Something to consider. The negril side also has its positive points. It has better beaches. Negril has some of the best sunsets you will see on the planet.

    CSA. We have been there twice and are returning for our next trip. The biggest Couples resort. Also the most expensive. In my opinion the nicest beach. One thing I don't care for is that the general public is allowed to pass by near the water. So you have an all day parade of outsiders passing by on the beach. CSA is the only Couples resort without a nude sunbathing area. They have a disco area which will stay open until the last person leaves. You got to visit the Ultimate Chocolate at least once. The house band was good the last time we were there, but that was about 6 years ago. We liked the catamaran cruise.

    CN. We haven't been to this resort yet. Planning a day trip when we go to CSA. Will be smaller and more intimate. One thing I like about the smaller resorts is the staff will do a better job of getting to know you. You may find servers in the restaurants that may remember your names and your preferences. A word of caution. Some major construction going on at an adjacent resort. You may hear construction noise at times.

    CSS. We haven't been here either. We most likely will never go here. Not because of anything bad about this resort. It is only because there are lots of stairs and hills. My wife has a medical condition that makes climbing stairs or walking up inclines difficult and painful. This is another smaller and more intimate resort. This is the only Couples resort that does not include the Catamaran cruise.

    CTI. We have been here twice. This is the original all inclusive resort opened by Abe Issa back in 1949. It has the most history. Check out the pictures in the piano bar, very cool. This is the only Couples resort where the beach is completely isolated from the general public. A rocky area with a sea wall on one side and cliffs on the other. It has the Island. The beach is smaller but plenty big enough for the size of this resort. This resort is also small and intimate. The house band is pretty good and we also like the singer, Leonardo Carmichael. There is one night where Leo gets into some pretty hardcore reggae that we don't care for. But this is just our personal opinion. Other nights he is very entertaining. All of the restaurants are good. But we especially like the Bayside which serves oriental food. A reservation is required and there is a dress code.

    One thing to remember. There really isn't a bad choice when it comes to any of the Couples Resorts.

    A suggestion. Along with this forum, there are other places to look for information on the Couples Resort chain, both official and unofficial. Start by looking at all of the pages on the main Couples website. Youtube is also another great place to look. There are lots of official and private videos from each resort. Search by Couples then the resort name. Lots to see. One of these resorts will call to you louder than the others. Choose that resort. If you are like many of us, this won't be your last trip to Couples. Maybe even try them all. We have a special vacation account where we put all of our extra money so we can keep returning to our favorite resorts.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 96 more days until CSA
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