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    Default Hair & Makeup at CN

    Hi, everyone! My fiance and I are under 3 weeks until our BIG day at CN. I am planning on having both my hair and makeup done in the salon. Could any past brides put my nerves to rest regarding their experience with either hair or makeup and/or post photos of their hair/makeup? I am a bit nervous as I obviously will not be able to do a "trial run" as many traditional wedding brides do. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi! I just had my hair done for my vow renewal at CN. I wanted a half up do and I had forgot to bring a clip! So the lovely woman worked with me and bobby pins and did a fabulous job. Here's a link to our vow renewal photos taken by the resort photographer whom I thought did a fabulous job for us.
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    Great pix! I am in the same boat as RisBrad, except I will probably do my own makeup. Glad to see your recent experience, and congrats! Can I ask, is that the standard flower arrangement?

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    oddcouple1 - Yes, it was a standard complimentary arrangement. It's the purple orchids. I was so sad I havd to leave them there since we can't take them back to the US through customs. They were beautiful. I did my own makeup as well. My husband told me that if I had it done, it would be too mcuh on my face, so I did my normal and he was right. The pictures came out great.
    Thanks! And good luck and congrats to you!
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    Your pictures are great - we are doing our vow renewal in November. Thank you for posting your pictures, put me at ease as we are using the resort photographer also.

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    Thanks for sharing your photos! Beautiful!

    What time of day did you have your vow renewal?

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    I got married at CN last month and we had the best day. We really couldn't have asked for more. I got both my hair and make up done at the salon. I absolutely loved the hair, they did an amazing job and exactly what I wanted but unfortunately I wasn't so keen on the make up. I was apprehensive about getting the make up done without a trial run as I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to applying my make up. However, I did want them to do the base due to the different climate and I don't normally wear foundation - this turned out fine, a tad heavy but it needs to be for the photos. The rest wasn't so great though, the eyeshadow wasn't applied very well and I didn't like the colour, the eyeliner was way too heavy, the mascara was applied really strangely which resulted in seriously clumpy eyelashes, the blusher was clown like and the lipgloss was thick and gooey. I got back to the room and my hubby said that I looked like I had lost all my facial features and that I just looked matt and flat, ha ha! Anyway, after ten minutes of panic I managed to correct most of it before Stacey Clarke got to our room and all was well. As I said, I am very precise with my make up so other people who maybe are not like me may find the make up perfectly fine. My advice though if I were to do it again... take a very good foundation and powder that will stay in the heat and do your own. Get your hair done in the salon as it will hold in the heat and they know what they're doing - I took a picture along to show them.

    Hope that helps, feel free to ask any other questions.

    P.S - Stacey Clarke was amazing....!!!

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    I'm thinking about just doing my own makeup for my wedding in March 2010. I just starting using Bare Escentuals mineral makeup at the end of last summer and thought it may hold up well in the Jamaican heat- would anyone know if mineral makeup is better to use in hot locales?

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