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    Default Question about Hair Styling at Resort Salon

    I'm getting married in March 2010 at Couples Negril.

    I want to book a creative style. Do you have your hair washed, product in, and ready to go when you show up for your appointment? Or, do they shampoo, dry your hair and then style?

    Has anyone purchased orchids for their hair? Are they considered a loose flower (so $10 each)?


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    Hi TravelBug,

    I got married at CN last month and had my hair done in the salon. I loved what they did with my hair and it turned our exactly how I wanted, if not better. No, they don't wash and dry your hair with the creative style. I washed my hair the night before with no prodcuts(it's best not to have it too freshly washed when having your hair done as it doesn't hold as well). When I went in the morning, they put this hot straightening brush through my hair first and then used curling tongs as I wanted a curly half up/half down style.

    I had white orchids put in my hair which didn't arrive until just before I had to go the ceremony - the wedding co-ordinator brought them to the room and put them in for me. It costs $10 for about 5/6 orchid flowers which all come on one stem.

    Hope this helps, feel free to ask if you have any other questions! Here's a link to one of our pics to show the hair - hope it works!

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    I've always heard that you're not supposed to wash your hair before you get an updo. The oils help your hair hold the style.

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    Thanks so much for the advice! Washing my hair the night before is a great idea!

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