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    Hi there,

    We are getting ready to book CSS (our first trip to Couples and to Jamaica)--can't wait!! I found a great deal on another travel website, but I'm a little wary. Are there "perks" to booking strictly through Couples vs. other travel websites or is it all virtually the same? We've been looking at the Wednesday deals but so far haven't seen anything that calls to us. This is our first vacation alone since our honeymoon 10 years ago--I want everything to be perfect!


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    A year or two ago, there was a popular on-line travel agency that accepted money from customers to book vacations but never actually made the reservations or, if it did make the reservation, never paid Couples but kept the money instead, which resulted in the cancellation of the reservation. People arrived in Jamaica believing that their vacation was all set, only to find out that no reservation had been made and that no money had ever been given to Couples to pay for the vacation. Once it discovered that the formerly reputable agency was no longer behaving responsibly, Couples warned guests that it would no longer accept reservations through that travel agency. Several/many Couples' guests were affected, and some on this MB reported that they did lose their money.

    For us, the benefit of booking directly with the resort is that we're giving our money directly to Couples, and we know the reservation has been made. We're not relying on the integrity of a third party to convey our money to the resort.
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    The big perk of booking direct with Couples is you can make a change at no cost 45 days before you leave. If Couples has a great Wednesday special that you want and book direct you can get it at no charge to you. Most online places once you make the booking you can not change it without fees.

    Most online company's make you pay upfront, but Couples allows you to pay over time or just a deposit with the balance due 45 days before you leave.

    If you book direct you can call a 1-800 number with a person that is at the other end, not a computer.
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    we book directly with couples because they now have the guarantee for the best deal and if you find something else that is better than what you booked, you just call or email them and they will give you the same deal. We also like the idea of making the deposit far enough away that we can pay slowly over time but at the same time it makes us save the money every month without changing our minds......this is our second time using couples direct and both times have been wonderful!

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