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    Default Sangsters Rum Cream Availability

    We can no longer find Sangsters at our local liquor stores and I'm almost out!! I had heard there was a supply problem at the source, but would like an update on the situation if anyone knows.

    Can we wait until we're at the airport, or should we buy at the resort? And does anyone know the price at the resort and the airport?

    We'll be at CSA and CN in four weeks! Thanks for any information you can give!!
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    There was plenty at the airport on October 7th. $17 for the original Sangsters and $14 for other flavors (smaller bottle).
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    Some things to consider. We have bought Rum Cream at the Couples Gift Shop in the past. However, Jamaica has the same requirements as anyplace else when it comes to getting liquids past airport security. Meaning that any liquor purchased on the resort or in a local town will need to get packed in your checked baggage. This adds weight to your bags and you could easily exceed the weight limits for your checked bags. We had this happen on our last trip.While we were waiting to leave the resort we figured our checked bags were too heavy. Couples had a scale which verified the weight. So we were scrambling to goe out bags to the correct weight.

    If you wait to purchase your liquor at the duty free shops at the airport you will already be past airport security. This means that you can bring this with your carry on bags. If you think the weight of your checked bags may be even a little close, you may be better off buying your liquor at the airport. Even if it costs a couple dollars more, it would be a lot less than overweight bag charges.

    For those who can't wait to go back to Jamaica to get their Rum Cream, I have a recipe.

    Serves: makes 1 quart

    Prep Time: 5 Minutes

    14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
    1-1 1/4 c amber rum (appleton's is what i use)
    1 c cream or half and half
    3 Tbsp chocolate syrup
    2 Tbsp fresh brewed coffee
    1 tsp real vanilla extract
    1 tsp coconut extract


    Mix all ingredients in a blender and run on a low setting for a minute, just long enough to blend. Not too long or the cream will begin to peak.
    Refrigerate for an hour for flavors to blend. Serve over ice, in coffee, over ice cream, or in any way one would use Irish cream. It has the same texture but not the bite of whiskey. Keeps for 2 weeks in the fridge, I'm told. It never stays around long enough at our house!

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.

    Only 105 more days until we return to CSA
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    Thanks madjack, I'd forgotten about the luggage weight! Any extra pounds I might have for my luggage will be taken up with coffee beans!! lol

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    I buy it at the resort, pay a little more but I would be very disappointed if we got to the airport and they were out. We usually have resort credits anyway so it's like getting it for free. Lately we've had a flight connection so we bring bubble wrap and pack it in our checked bags. Then into big ziplock bags and so far, no breakage.
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    We always bring home Rum Cream that we generally buy at the airport. We always also drink it all before we have a chance to get more. So our home solutions are as follows... and they are not perfect, but they are better than some people think!

    We bought Cruzan Rum Cream for many years at our local store, and it was not perfect, but better than none. I think it has been discontinued now. The best solution I have now is to use Bailey's Irish Cream and Tia Maria in place of the Rum Cream in our Dirty Bananas and Hummingbirds. It works very well in the absence of real Jamaican Rum Cream. I also plan to try the new Coffee/Espresso Bailey's soon.

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    Plenty of Rum Cream at the Duty Free in MBJ as of 3 days ago.

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    Thanks Difazio! Was it Sangsters or one of those imposters? lol And do you remember the price?

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    Sangster's is abundant and one liter bottles were 2 for $22.50, versus $26 each at CN
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    Thanks Dank120! That's just what I needed! I'd rather carry them on than take a chance of them breaking in my suitcase! My neighbor had a bottle of tequila break in her bag once and of course had to wash everything, and her suitcase still has a slight tequila odor!! As she's a Margarita junkie she's fine with that!! lol
    Thanks for the price info also.

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    Plenty of all flavours of Sangsters at the airport as of the 25th. Still had the 2 for $22 deal.

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