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    Default Water shoes necessary for CN area snorkeling

    Are Water shoes recommended for the CN snorkeling trip or any snorkeling around the old GLN area. We are trying to minimize luggage and would rather no take them.

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    No need for water shoes at all. Its a soft sandy bottom with no rocks.
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    Not necessary. Beach/water nice soft sand, resort snorkeling you will have flippers.

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    Just got back from our second trip to Couples last week ( sad to leave ) and did a snorkel trip. You're not supposed to disturb the coral anyway, and the beach is so nice at CN, I really don't see any use for water shoes.

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    The resort supplies the snorkeling gear including flippers. I brought water shoes and only used them for off site excursions. There should be no reason you would need water shoes unless you are going off resort.

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    No water shoes necessary for CN. if you snorkel from the beach there it's nothing but sand. Their included snorkel trips take you to various reefs. The water there is deep enough that shoes are unnecessary. I think I heard that they require life vests now.

    I didn't snorkel at the old GLN when I stayed there, but that area did look rocky. But you wouldn't be entering the water there anyway since the area is closed. If it were me I wouldn't bother bringing the aqua socks. Save room in your bags.
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    As the others have said, for the most part, you won't need them.

    Some advice about snorkeling. Although they won't stop you, Couples strongly discourages going outside the designated swimming areas. There is lots of boat traffic in the vecinity and you would be doing this at your own risk. It's really not a good idea to venture out of the designated swimming area.

    Inside the swimming area is mostly sand with little to see. I strongly recommend taking the daily snorkeling trips provided by the resort. We go on as many as we can and you are allowed to go as often as you like.

    The only catch is that space is limited and you must be on a signup sheet. Go to the Water Sports shack on the beach to get on the snorkeling list. They go usually go out twice a day weather permitting. Couples provides everything you need for these excursions. However, they won't let you use their snorkeling gear without going on one of their excursions. If you have some decent snorkeling gear you are allowed to use it also. But if you have cheap stuff leave it home. We will also wear one of their life jackets while snorkeling. Even though we are both decent swimmers, we can concentrate more on the view than swimming.

    We have never been snorkeling with CN, but if it like the other Couples resorts they will go to about 1/2 dozen sites in the area. Each excursion you are in the water for about 30 Jamaican minutes.

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