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    Default sun block and coral reefs

    In the news this week was that even a tiny amount of a chemical commonly found in sun block helps to destroy coral reefs.
    Please avoid sunscreens/blocks with OXYBENZENE!

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    This is an issue that should be brought up on every snarklin trip!!! It also should be brought up for every guest. When you swim... it comes off.

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    I hope that the water sports crew would tell people not to put on extra sunscreen for a snorkeling trip when they sign up to go? Perhaps the front desk can include this information in the welcoming packet for arriving guests? We all need to do our part no matter how small it seems.

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    At least at CSA when you sign up for snorkling, they tell you to apply sunblock at least 30 minutes before the trip to allow it to soak in.

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    We have to avoid all sunscreens or some specified products?

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    I researched this before I went to Mexico because some of their snorkeling trips you have to use biodegradable sunscreens. I found one: Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen, that didn't have all the bad stuff in it. Used it while snorkeling for a long time and it worked great! There are others out there, that's just what I found and tried so can attest that it actually worked and wasn't a nightmare to apply.

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