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    Default Blue Mountain Coffee prices in CSS gift shop

    Could someone who is visiting CSS soon please let me know the cost on blue-mountain coffee in the gift shop? We have about a dozen people asking us to bring them some back for Christmas (we're there 12/15 - 22) and I fear that we're looking at serious money for the amount requested. My husband is recovering from back surgery, so the shopping trip is right out as a cheaper alternative. Thanks.

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    Not sure about what they are currently charging, but another option is also to buy duty-free at the airport on your way out.
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    $50/lb of Jablum as of 10/10/15.

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    On 10/19/15 We bought 3 - 1lb. bags at CN, they were $29.99us. But on most days, coffee, booze and t-shirts are 15% off, so I think it was around $26/lb. Didn't look at Duty free since we had already purchased.

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    We were there last April (2015) and the price was $55.00/lb. At CTI it was $65/lb.!! I was going to buy some at the airport also but there was only one big coffee shop and they only had one brand...can't remember the brand but it wasn't Jablum or Wallenford which used to be plentiful at the airport. There was another really small shop that had Jablum and it was a bit cheaper but not by much.

    Since coming home I've checked online at Coffee Roasters and a pound of beans is I think about $36.00, but then there's shipping. It's much cheaper to ship to the U.S. than to Canada where I'm from, so not sure if I'm going to do that or not, but we'll be in Negril soon and I'll check at both CSA and CN and if it's still so expensive, I just might get my beloved Blue Mountain beans online. Everything is in U.S. Dollars and with the difference in our dollars being so bad, I don't know what I'm going to do!

    But I'm going to have to get them somewhere, because I'm addicted to it!!

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    We bought some home in March .... 4oz ground coffee is $11.50 per bag. If you are repeat guests you could use your room credit.

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    A dozen people? It's just coffee. Once that number passed 2, you should be willing to decline their kind offer to burden you with lugging back pounds of stuff to save them a few bucks, assuming you will ask them for the $ up front. Remember, you aren't going on vacation to become a neighborhood wholesaler.

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    Thanks all for the answers.

    Gladmartin - they're all wanting it as gifts, thus the worry about cost. I hadn't really thought about hauling back a dozen pounds of coffee, especially considering I don't like the smell of it and that much would scent all of our luggage.

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