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    Default Booking "Extras"

    We are booked at CTI for the first time in February 2016 and were wondering what is the best way to book and pay for "extras" like a trip out to Appleton Estate or dinner on the island?

    We didn't book directly through the resort, so didn't have the option like you do if... well, you do.

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    We wait until we actually arrive at the resort to book anything extra. Here's why.

    After you arrive at the resort and get to your room, look for the welcome package. In this welcome package you will find a list of activities on the resort. We look over this before we do anything. Shortly after we get settled we will make our way back to the Concierge Desk in the lobby. Here we will make our reservations for Eight Rivers and Bayside. This is also where you make your reservations for the Catamaran Cruise. I think you can also book your dinner on the island here also.

    In the lobby area you will also find the tour desk. They take most major credit cards. We will grab some pamphlets and look them over a little later then return to book any off resort excursions that interest us.

    We also like to go snorkeling. Space is limited and you must be on a sign up sheet to go. Go to the Water Sports shack on the beach by the pier to get on this list. You can go as many times as you like. They usually go in the morning and in the afternoon, weather permitting.

    By the entrance to the Patio restaurant you will find a bulletin board. This is where you will find the most up to date information about what is happening on the resort. This is usually updated late in the evening, in the morning, and as needed throughout the day. Make it a point to look at this bulletin board at least once per day.

    Dunn's River Falls is included for free from CTI. No sign up list, at least the last time we went. Simply show up at the lobby at the time shown on the bulletin board. The driver and the guide at the attraction are not Couples employees and tipping is expected. Bring some cash for tips. Don't worry, they will gladly accept wet cash. Aqua shoes are required. Either bring some with you or you can rent them when you get there.

    By doing things this way we won't miss much because of scheduling conflicts. There are a lot of things happening on the resort every day that you don't find listed on the website.

    For sunbathing at the island, simply wait for a ride near the middle of the pier. You should really give it a try. The shuttle, pontoon boat will come get you in within minutes. Keep in mind that during the day the island is nude sunbathing. Not clothing optional or topless. You are expected to strip down shortly after you find your spot and get settled. Give it an honest try and do something that you wouldn't do at home. Nobody will judge you. We are not all Barbie and Ken. If things get too uncomfortable you can simply put your clothes back on and go to the dock. The shuttle will come get you in a matter of minutes. But who knows, you may be surprised and like it. You won't know if you don't try.

    Another tip. CTI was the first all inclusive that Abe Issa opened way back in 1949. This resort has lots of history. Make it a point to go to the piano bar and look at all of the pictures. Very cool.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 126 more days until we return to CSA
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2022?

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    Thanks this has helped me out. Me and my soon to be are going in June and we was going to let the TA do that for us but we will wait until arrival

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