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    Default New Tings Sep 2015

    Veggie Bar and Pizza Oven construction
    Block #1 “soft” renovation
    • Sliding bathroom door
    • New towel hooks in room
    • New towel bars on balcony
    • New bathroom light switches and moved to “door” side of room
    • Mask replaces tapestry above bed
    • New Curtains

    ‘Foliage’ trimmed outside of block 1 – improved view to ocean
    Watersports signs throughout property (time/schedule signs, flag meanings, etc.) re-done, new style
    Entertainment Changes
    • Rasta Culture + Herbology
    • Barology
    • Pool VolleyBall moved to Cassava end of pool
    • New Activities Guide (in color + ‘model couple’ on front)
    • “local” talent 6/7 nights in piano bar – mostly Donovan it seemed
    • Bocce ball – new balls

    New resort layout handout – with room numbers (but no Cassava for some reason)
    Lychee - New Menu (more Indian influence) and chef (Maneesh)
    Repeat Dinner – “Family style” pass around platters and Indian influenced cuisine
    Cream-cheese mixed w/ smoked salmon and herbs (as opposed to cream cheese alone)
    No turn down card/patois sayings, no towel art (for us anyway)
    Single-seat Chair swings throughout property – similar to existing bench swings.
    Moved Manager welcome party to “Grand stairwell” (not Sunset Deck)
    GrandLido/Royalton construction – everything leveled and heavy equipment digging former pool out
    Huge Crane over far off Riu (re-doing the roof)
    Bowl Cap resort beach police (we probably just never saw them before)

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    Editing a thread doesn't appear to show existing post. and copy/paste loses the formatting. So,
    Repeat Dinner – “Family style” pass around platters and Indian influenced cuisine
    should be
    Repeat Dinner – “Family style” pass around platters and Asian influenced cuisine

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    hi rudi,

    As usual, you noticed some tings that I didn't! The "family style" serving at the Repeat dinner must be either new or sporadic since it wasn't used in Sept. I do miss the turndown cards and towel art. How was your trip?

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    Hi Gary_and_Patti.

    The trip was great. Hope you enjoyed yours as well.

    Chef Andre announced he was trying out the "family style" serving and wanted feedback. I'm not sure if that was the first repeater dinner to try it, but it sounded like it might be.

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