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    Default First time to CTI - post Thanksgiving 2015 (Nov 28 - Dec 3)

    Hi all. My wife and I are excited to be going to CTI from Nov 28 thru Dec 3. This is our first time to any Caribbean Resort, and we're looking forward to it.

    We're interested to know if anyone else is going during the same time, or hearing from anyone about CTI - things to do there, what you like best, etc. Thanks!

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    You will love it, we went for the first time this past Septemeber, from the moment you arrive until you leave. the food is excellent. Just try everything they have to offer. You will love it.

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    Thanks Gelena. The more we see some of the comments, the more excited we get. Seems like there are so many nice people on here and at Couples. Thanks for your response!

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    All the comments are true, Brian. CTI has a special charm that stays with you. It's obvious by the number of repeat couples we see every year. See you when you get there!

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    Hi Brian.... my wife and I will be there at the same time! We arrive on Nov. 28th and leave on Dec. 5th. We were in Ocho Rios earlier this year on a cruise and we are looking forward to going back for the entire week!

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    I don't want to give away too many CTI secrets. Check out the pictures in the Piano Bar. CTI was the very first all inclusive that Abe Issa built back in 1949. There is lots of history in the piano bar.

    Say hello to George and Gracie for us.

    When you go to a place like this, be willing to try things completely different than what you would at home. Don't be afraid to try things in the restaurants.

    When you get to your room, be sure to look at your Welcome Package. It will have a schedule of activities on the resort for the week. Also, look at the bulletin board near the entrance to the Patio restaurant. It will have the most up to date information. It is updated at least once a day, more if needed.

    While I'm at it. You should really give the island an honest try. Do something that you would never do at home. Don't worry, nobody will stare. Well, maybe a little. We are not all Barbie and Ken. Couples AN areas are not clothing optional or topless. You are expected to get completely naked. Give it at least 1/2 hour. Then if things get too uncomfortable, put your clothes back on and leave. For us, it was easier the second time and even easier the third time.

    One of our favorite resort activities is the snorkeling. You can go as often as you like. However, you must be on a signup sheet as space is limited. They go out twice a day, weather permitting. You are in the water for about 30 Jamaican minutes. Couples will supply all of the gear. Go to the water sports shack by the pier to get on the list.

    You might want to try Dunn's River Falls. This excursion is free for CDI and CSS. Just show up at the lobby at the time posted on the bulletin board. Dunn's River Falls is a 180 foot tall, 600 foot long waterfalls. You will climb it. It's not as difficult as it sounds. The guides scrub the rocks daily so they are not slippery. You will wear water shoes so you will get decent traction. Just follow your guide. You don't need to be athletic, just in fair physical condition. Be sure to bring some cash. Your guide and your bus driver are not Couples employees so the no tipping policy does not apply. They will expect a tip. Don't worry, both will accept wet cash. You can rent a locker at the attraction. But we usually just leave everything on the bus. The driver will watch the bus. We just won't leave anything of value. You will also need some cash to rent some aqua shoes if you don't have your own.

    A simple suggestion. Keep the right attitude. We have never had everything go completely as planned. Little things always seem to go wrong. Don't let the little things spoil the mood. If it is a big thing, don't be afraid to mention it to management. They will usually bend over backwards to make things right. Keep the right attitude and you will have the time of your lives.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 110 more days until we return to CSA
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    Mad Jack, thanks for the detailed reply!

    And Paul Croisier, we'll see you there!

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    I will love it A simple suggestion. Keep the right attitude. the more excited we get. Seems like there are so many nice people on here and at Couples.

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    I agree with you that Seems like there are so many nice people on here and at Couples.

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