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    Default reusable water bottles in rooms at cn?

    Recently, i've read that some guests mentioned that there were water bottles to use on the resort that were left in the rooms. Let me clarify, having disposable water bottles were a thing of the past. We got a reusable plastic water bottle with the couples logo on it several years ago from the resort. The lid had metal on it with a strap that was attached to the lid and bottle. We always pack these to use while there. Is this the water bottle? Or is it just the disposable kind with twist on lid that you throw away? We are trying to figure out what to bring with us. Thank you

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    Yes it is the same one

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    We were there recently and got two "reusable plastic water bottles"
    The one with the couples logo on it, metal capped bottom, metal lid with the unlatch-able straps to attach it to the bottle.

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    We just got back and they provide 2 Couples logo bottles for use while you're there and to take home!

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    The one we received at CN in July was just like the one you described with the Couples logo on it.

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    That is the water bottle they are talking about.

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    Couples is providing the logo water bottles like you mentioned. We have seen them at CN and CTI.

    Life is good

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    Yes, they are the same ones.

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    Do you know how many ounces they hold? I like to make sure I stay hydrated and measure how much water I drink per day. I was planning on packing my own water bottle but wondering if I need to now. Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone know if they are giving them at all the resorts, we usually get the bottles as our repeater gift.

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    First thanks everyone for all the information on these water bottles. Second to answer a couple of questions recently posted,

    These water bottles hold 20 ounces of water.
    I believe bottles are not being offered as repeaters gift anymore( weren't on the list) as they are now being given out to everyone in the rooms.

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    we checked in yesterday at Couples Negril and no reusable water bottles were in our room.

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    Ditto to the iowahawkfans post above. We just returned on 10/24 and no water bottles in the room.

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    If I recall correctly, the returnable water bottles we received at CSA in June (could be different for CN) were the repeater arrival gifts (choice of shirt, water bottle...maybe something else).

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    we didn't bring glasses with us and bought some in the gift shop only to see others around the resort have these water bottles. I asked them where they got them and they said you need to ask the front desk for them. I did and they cheerfully gave us each one.

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    Sounds like i better pack our water bottles to be on the safe side. Thanks for the update

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    We just returned and had just brought our own. None were provided. We didn't do it, but looks like they're happy to pour drinks into any insulated containers guests may have also.

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