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    The sky is slightly overcast. Just enough to blot out any sun that may be trying to peek through. So as I look at her, she looks lifeless, empty, flat, cold. The trees show no signs of any movement. There is no one there. There is no flag flying. The island is closed.
    This picture is my screensaver. It was taken the year they painted the gazebos white. They had been a salmon color. The year was around 2002-3. + - It’s not the brightest picture of the island. Goodness knows I have hundreds. No brilliant sun casting twisting shadow on the ground.
    No people there to fill the air with life and laughter. No reggae sound to sooth and satisfy. Ocean waters frozen in this photograph of a tropical paradise.
    There is no dock in this image. These were the days of taking the Lil Skipper, a row boat with a motor, out to the island. When you arrived, you swung your legs over the side of the boat and jumped into the water. About up to your knees. On a good day. When the waters were choppy, which happens a lot, it was tricky to get everyone over. But we loved it.
    Understandably, at the end of the day, getting back into the boat was a lot more difficult than getting out in the morning. Fun in the sun and then some.
    This printed photographic reminder is a captured glimpse in time. This moment will remain as it is forever. Quiet. Reflective. Unchanged.
    Well my screensaver may appear to be a barren sterile landscape, but I know that when we arrive in thirty plus days, there will be an abundance of “life and laughter” once again. Renew some old friendships, make some new ones. Conversations and camaraderie. Handshakes and hugs. Soothing satisfaction. A Couples Calm.

    Then, there will be life all around. A big beautiful blue sky overhead. Here and there small snow white clouds slowly drifting by. A Dandelion yellow sun quietly offering its warming rays. You can feel the wind. Hear the ceaseless sounds of the waves as they crash against the jagged volcanic outcropping. Plants and people, snails and crabs, birds and butterflies. A place with a life of its own.
    It’s quite a unique environment on that tiny island. It’s the same at SSB too. A group of mostly strangers coming together to enjoy the warmth of the sun without the encumbrance of clothing of any kind.
    Wait!! What?? You mean everyone is naked? Really?? Completely naked?

    I know. Sounds weird to lots of people. And maybe it is. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. It’s not like anything you have imagined it to be. Actually, the being naked part comes a lot more easily than you think. The hard part is dealing with all the reasons why you think you can’t do it.
    But for those of us who have had a day or two in the sun, wearing nothing more than sunscreen and a smile, it is the most empowering, enlightening and
    enjoyable experience that a couple can have. And in a seeting such as TI or SSB, you couldn't ask for a berter opportunity.

    We had been married for 25 years before we had a chance to experience au natural. And on the island, well, that just tripled the enjoyment. There wasn’t a moment's hesitation for either of us. It was as though we had been waiting for this our whole life and never even knew it.

    Laughs and love and life live on that infamous little isle. And they also live at SSB. The seclusion and privacy are two of the main factors that make it work. Adults only and mutual respect also go a long way to making the overall experience so rewarding.
    Regardless of how my dull screensaver may look, I know that just about every single day, on the island and at glorious SSB, there are some very happy, carefree, alleged grownups, having some of the best times of their lives. Being in a captivating and exotic location that allows us to be more free, more open, more exposed than any of us had ever thought would really happen. I think that for at least 99% of the couples that try it, find that it was a very positive, uplifting, fun thing to do. And would certainly do it again if they came back.

    Life is there now having a drink with someone. Love is there now putting sunscreen on their partner. Laughs are loud and plentiful. Happy people. Very happy people. Not concerned with world politics, the stock market, the headlines, the incessant buzz of humanity. People at peace with themselves. Able to lounge so casually by the pool and all around the island. At SSB, the setting is so much larger. Lots of room around the pool, and near the swim up bar, or on the sand at the beach where warm Caribbean waters invite you to swim and play.
    Fun times. Cherished times. Never enough times.

    “Yippee. We‘re booked“, “It’s so long to wait”, “Hey, we’re in DD land”, “Whoa. Time to book the plane”, “Home stretch babe. Single digit dance”, “Just think, honey. Tomorrow at this time we’ll be there”, “Incredible. This place is amazing”,…………………………........... “Yah. It’s that time. The bus is here”.

    The waiting. The agonizingly long weeks and months that each of us endure, seem to be over long before we think we are ready to leave. But while the actual time spent at one of the four sister’s tropical treasures may only be a matter of days, the memories and the glow will last forever. The bright smiles are there. The warm hugs. The sharing and love. The vibrant conversations. The unending laughter. Feeling like a kid again. Finding all that “you & me time”. Such special emotional times.

    These are the things that I will take home with me from our upcoming trip in November. These are the things that I take home after every trip. The sounds and sights will spread comfort, joy and warmth before me during the impending winter months. A cold Northeast wind will howl. Long cold days and nights. I will wait them out. And I will remember a special morning at breakfast, or, that walk we took, or that funny incident at Bayside, or when we got caught in the rain on TI. All make me smile. All make me feel warm and happy. All give me hope that we will do all of it again and again.

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    You always make me smile. Thanks for brightening up my morning.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    Thanks Jack. Glad to help.

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