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    My husband and I are taking our first trip to CN in 20 days, 1 hour and 21 minutes. We're excited, obviously! I've read and enjoyed many things on the message board. I've seen a few things about the "Office of Nature" but not sure exactly where and what it is. Is it within walking distance of CN? Is it safe to walk there? Worth time away from the resort?

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    It is certainly walkable from CN... It is a rather loosely confederated group of vendors who set up under some tarps to sell food, beer, souviniers, etc. What value it may have is up to you.

    Some think its a great way to interact with the locals... just be aware that these folks are businessmen and women, and if you've not dealt with them or with their style of conducting business, you might not be comfortable with their setup. Bring your common sense, and don't be afraid to haggle.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    search + office of nature == presto

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    The Office of Nature is right on the Bloody Bay beach located between the two resorts to the North of CN. Just walk out to the water and take a right. We didn't make it there on our trip but we did see the tents set up. We had planned to walk up there one day for the lobster I had heard alot about but it was out of season when we were there in May.

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    Chris, That is very well put! We were at CN last week and walked down to the Office of Nature two times. The first time to see if we could find the "Lobster Guy" (Smiley) we had read about somewhere on here, and the second time to have him make us fresh lobster. It was delicious.
    We were looking for a coffee mug. No one had them, and that was our easy out of the pressure selling! A polite thank you as you are walking away works well. When asked if we smoked, the answer for us was no thank you and it worked well also! Have fun!

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    At CN walk to the water, turn right and keep walking past RUI Resort. You'll find the Office of Nature.

    Is it safe? Yes it is. Treat people with respect and a simple No thank you will end most sales pitches.

    It's worth the walk for exercise.

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    Yes, the Office of Nature is well worth the short walk. We spent about 2 hours there with 2 other couples, ate barbecued lobster, drank red stripe and met some wonderful people. They make some really nice jewellery there too.
    If you walk down to the beach at CN and are facing the sea, walk to your right about 10 minutes. Look for the hibachis and the jewellery tables. Cookie will take good care of you.

    Here are some pictures of our gang there last January:
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    Thanks! Looks like fun. 19 days and counting. Can't think of anything else!

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