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    Default tipping allowed on couples negril, catamaran cruise

    This is a real fun cruise to go on and it is included in the all inclusive at couples Negril. However, as some may not know, these are not couples Negril people on the cruise. The bartender, Howard, does a good job in helping everyone be entertained while having fun. The rest of the crew does a great job in keeping every one safe and trying to provide a fun environment for all those on the cruise. As there has been many subjects on the board about tipping, please know like the spa people and the crew on the catamaran are not the resort people and you can tip the crew on the cruises. We have had the pleasure for many years of going out each year sometimes twice on our stay. They are really nice people.

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    Agreed. The people who operate the Catamaran Cruise are not Couples employees. Yes, it is acceptable to tip. We usually slip the Captain some money at the end of the cruise. You can also tip the bartender on the catamaran or anyone else on the crew if you like.
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    Does anyone know what days Howard is on the catamaran cruise? The last time we went the first trip he wasn't on, the second trip, which I believe was on a Thursday, he was the bartender. Was wondering if it's a set schedule on who bartends on certain days.

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    Keep in mind that there are at least 3 of these identical catamarans that CN and CSA charter for their guests, that have different crews on them. It is more "a" catamaran cruise than "the". With that said, I've heard that Rasta Ralphie no longer does these runs, anyone know?
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