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    Default New stuff at csa

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    Just returned from 10 days at CSA. NEW:

    4+ individual basket-like swings along the main path
    New kayaks and paddle boards. Sails also appeared new
    Atrium suites receiving paint and new wood stain on railings, porches/balconies and stairs
    Many new beach/pool floaties
    New or redone palapas
    The Palms is all buffet at dinner

    The same and awesome:
    Most staff members provided bright smiles, singing and superb service
    Food quality outstanding (was hugely disappointed to find no chicken patties for two days we tried at Cabana Grill)
    Operations Manager Konrad seen everywhere, personally taking care of guests, and leading by example
    A lot of new trainees for upcoming peak season...all with bright smiles and warm greetings

    It's been said before, but the sand fleas are viscious at dawn and dusk. Brilliant me gets up with the sun and hits the beach! Just found out today upon leaving (from a staff member) that raking the sand stirs them up, yay for me playing in the freshly raked sand! TAKE SPRAY WITH YOU!

    Didn't see any dogs on the beach this time, or cats at Cabana Grill (missed them!)
    See you in April, CSA! We miss you already!

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    Thanks for the update! We will be there at CSA in 68 days. We went to CTI back in May and immediately booked a return trip to CSA when we got back home. What type of spray for the sand fleas would you recommend taking? Just normal insect repellant, or something specific? I was looking forward to the cats there at CSA, so I am hoping they will be there when we visit soon. TIA!

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    Thanks for the update. Seems like they are always freshening things at the Couples resorts. We tend to go during peak tourist season and it is not uncommon to see something getting a fresh coat of paint. On our last trip to CTI they were upgrading the lighting in the hallways to LED strip lights.

    We already knew about the sand fleas but didn't really know why. Thanks for the tip.

    Heading to CSA in 154 days. We haven't been to CSA since 2010. Went to CTI on our last couple of trips. Looking forward to seeing all the new faces.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2022?

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    Not to interrupt your thread, but we first met Konrad when he was at CN a few years ago. We had a small complaint and he took care of it right away. He even sent some wine and Couples glasses to our suite to make up for the issue. Last year when we were at CSA, he saw us and instantly recognized us. He was very gracious and asked how things were going - he even remembered the small issue we had at CN and asked if it was solved to our satisfaction. Every time we saw Konrad at CSA he would smile and say hello.
    He is a fantastic ambasssador for the Couples brand always smiling, happy and ready to help in whatever way he can.

    As many have said on these various posts, the most important part of Couples is the employees and how they make you feel every time you see them.
    Gerry and Susan - Ottawa Canada
    CSS 2013
    CN 2014, 2015
    CSA 2014, 2016
    CTI 2015

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    Nice report. Still trying to figure out if all the buffet at the Palms is a good thing. CSA soon come.

    Life is good

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    gerryandsusan, I hope Konrad stays at CSA for a long time...cannot say enough about how amazing and gracious he is!! I'm so impressed by him in every way!

    Beach-bum, everyone has their opinion about the buffets. We loved the instant gratification, the wide variety of food choices, the ability to take as much or as little of anything we wanted, to be able to try many different things, and to STILL a have the eat staff service!

    If we wanted sit-down, order from a menu ambience, we went to Patois, Lemongrass or Feathers! It's a change we welcome, but fully understand others may not.

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