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    Default Renovations at Couples Negril?

    A recent review on Trip Advisor said "There was major construction going on within the resort grounds, both renovation at the pool area and expansion of a new building next to the Grill".

    From posts here on the Couples MB I have heard that building 1 is undergoing renovations. And we know about the construction of the new Veggie Bar near the beach grill. But what about the "renovation at the pool area"? Does anybody have any information about that? This reviewer stayed at CN in early September so this is rather fresh information, if correct.

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    Hi Mike@Debbie,

    We are currently conducting renovations on Building 1 as well as building a Veggie Bar. The renovations should be completed in about two weeks or so. With regards to the Veggie Bar, we are working as quickly as possible to have it up and running very soon.
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    When we were there 8/13 - 8/21/15, they were repairing the tile on each of the hot tubs at the end of the pool. They completed the south hot tub then started on the north one. They also started work on the veggie bar that week and it was a little messy on the walk going by the Lychee towards building 2. There is some inconvenience to these renovations but sometimes work has to be done to maintain the resort.

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    It is a damned if you do, and damned if you don't situation. If you never do work to update the resort people complain that it is dated and old. If you do work to update the resort people complain about the noise and the inconvenience.

    Glad to hear the pool work is minor and probably done by now. I hope the veggie bar is done in 30 days. I hear rumors that it will include a wood fired pizza oven? We arrive in 31 days and I hope to taste test that pizza for Couples Negril management.

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    We just got back they also are trimming a lot if vegetarian around building one almost looks like there might be more ocean view rooms when they get done

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    Oh yeah!!! We loved the veggie / smoothie bar at CTI!!! So awesome that it might be up and running when we arrive on 10/27. Bring on that hummus and chips!

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