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    Default Rewards/ Anniversary Package!

    Hey Couples fans!

    What have been some things you have used your rewards/ resort credits for? We are hoping to work out a deal to use some of our Anniversary package perks for things to our liking! We are taking suggestions!

    Thanks, mkqupnorth

    92 days!!!!

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    mkqupnorth, You mentioned "Anniversary package perks". What is an Anniversary package? Thanks, Us too in 35 days???

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    for us we've used them for massages and the cost of pictures and of course some added shopping!!

    Helen & Paul, Fl.

    2002 CSA, 2006 CSA, 2010, CSA, 2011 CSA, 2012 CSA, 2013 CSA, 2014 CSA, 2015 CSA, 2016 CSA, 2017 CSS/CSA, 2018 CSA, 2019 CSA, 2020 ?????

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    We use our resort credits for coffee, massages, coffee, Manager's List wine, oh and did I mention coffee!!

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    I have since learned since posting this, that Couples does not have an "Anniversary" package. Bummer! I thought maybe they would do something extra for choosing Couples for our Anniversary.
    Just getting to be there is enough I guess!

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    Staying at CTI, we used them for the private dinner on the island. It was a very special evening.

    Carol and Dave.

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    mkqupnorth - When you do your pre-check in there is a comments section, let them know it is your anniversary and they will typically do a little something (champagne and flowers in the room) nothing extravagant but still a nice gesture.

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    Thanks so much for the tip!

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    Our rewards expired. So we wont be seen as repeaters or get the credits. Bummed

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    You'll still be a repeater beckslaw
    Last edited by softail19; September 18th, 2015 at 10:15 AM.

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    really? Yay!!!

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    Happy anniversary ! We had more credits this year than in the past , so we tried a couple of new things, in difference to buying a bunch of t-shirts in a panic the night before we left.
    1) did the private beach dinner while at CSS- and while I did it rather reluctantly, it was very special and I would absolutely do it again.

    2) Our other splurge, was the private sunset cruise at CSA(we were on a split stay). We were fortunate enough to do this with another couple that we have become great friends with on our 1st trip to Couples. This is something we will probably do each year now. Harley and Cooper from the dive crew took us out, treated us like royalty- we ran onto a pod of dolphins which lead our boat for 10-15 minutes, before tiring of us... had a school of flying fish with us for most of the trip, and the best view of a Negril sunset you could ever hope to have. The crew brought food and beverages, and really did everything they could to make that a special trip. Hope this helps. mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    You'll still be a repeater beckslaw
    Very true. It had been many years when we returned and we were still repeaters. Just no reward points.

    Carol and Dave. CTI in 34 days.

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    Last year at CN we did the private sunset cruise on the dive boat with Milton and Bryon from the dive crew - they were amazing.

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    Can you use rewards for the private sunset cruise at CSA?

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