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    Default Sargassum Seaweed- any in Jamaica?

    Check out YouTube for videos of this problem on various islands! Wow! Mother Nature at her worst! Praying it doesn't make it to Jamaica...has anybody seen it?

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    We were at CTI last December and one day this huge mass of seaweed slowly washed ashore. It was a couple of feet deep and seemed like it was never going to stop coming in! lol They told us not to walk through it as the little critters in it might bite you, but they also shoveled a couple of paths through it so you could still get into the ocean (after it was clear of course!). Workers started clearing it by hand, shovels and wheelbarrows, but it soon became apparent that just wasn't going to work, so a backhoe and dump trucks showed up and it still took most of the day to clear it all. They did a GREAT job and worked so hard!! I'd never seen so much seaweed in such a short time before, but it looks like it's all over the Carribean now.

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