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    Default First Timer with Airport Arrival Question

    Arriving on a Sunday at 11 am....will club Mobay be worth the extra $$$ for this time of day. I'm trying to decide if we should spend the money or save it for something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MzKHL View Post
    Arriving on a Sunday at 11 am....will club Mobay be worth the extra $$$ for this time of day. I'm trying to decide if we should spend the money or save it for something else.

    check to see how many flights are arriving on the same day of the week, as when you're scheduled. if 10 planes are landing within an hour, it may be well worth it

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    Like I tell everybody who asks. Club Mobay is a crap shoot. For us it is worth it as I cannot tolerate standing in lines. We look at it like insurance if the lines are long then we skip through, if not we still get through quickly. Its all about priorities. If you go by the flight schedules and you get delayed for any reason then the schedules don't really matter.

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    Welcome to Couples

    It really depends upon the time of year along with the time of day. This time of year there are on average only about 30 flights per day passing through Sangster International Airport. The airport is only operating at about 70% capacity. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the busiest days. During the main tourist season from about mid January until early April there will be more like 40 to 45 flights per day passing through Sangster International Airport on a Sunday.

    During September through November you may not gain a whole lot of time using Club MOBAY. However, think of it this way. Club Mobay is more like insurance. It may not always be needed. But you would certainly appreciate having it if it happens to be busy when you arrive.

    We tend to travel to Couples during Peak tourist season in mid February. Most times there can be up to 10 aircraft arriving within 30 minutes of our flight. We experienced a couple of times where the line began at the top of the ramp going down to the Customs and Immigration area. Assuming there are at least 150 people on the 10 aircraft arriving shortly before us, I would estimate at least 1500 to 2000 people waiting in line. We have waited in this line for more than 2 1/2 hours. An eternity, especially when you know what is waiting for you at the other side. We always use Club MOBAY for insurance.

    I also recommend springing for the Departure service. Getting expedited through security is nice but not necessary. Couples will get you to the airport in plenty of time to make your flight. What makes the departure service worth the money is their VIP lounge. A nice place to wait for your flight. They will monitor your flight and make an announcement when it is ready to board. Food and drinks are included. The food is decent. A secure place to keep your carry on bags if you decide to cruise the shops in the departure terminal. One last opportunity to pamper yourselves before you leave paradise.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 170 more days until we return to CSA
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    Your mileage may vary, but in 4 trips to couples, we have never used Club MoBay. Our last trip we arrived about 11:30 a.m. and were the only plane there. Customs and immigration hall was empty... cleared customs, immigration, couples lounge for a Red stripe and on the bus within about 30 minutes. There were multiple people on our flight who elected to use Club Mo Bay. They were on the same van we were to Negril.

    Entirely different than arriving mid afternoon with multiple flights within minutes of each other.

    It's your vacation so my advice is do whatever will give you peace of mind and enjoy the ride.
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    Wow thanks for the info. I arrive in June and see that there are quite a few planes landing within the hour. Is June usually a busy season?

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    we have NEVER needed it in September, lowest occupancy of the year. Yes in January and February.

    You will have to wait somewhere. We got through Immigration so fast once that we had to wait 20 minutes for our luggage.

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    It depends on what time of year you're arriving, of course, but when we landed at MBJ on a Sunday morning (11:21 am, if I remember correctly) last October we waited for two hours to get through Immigration. The lines were up the ramp and around the corner. Club Mobay would have been amazing.

    It's not a guarantee that Club Mobay will be worth it, because you never know what traffic is going to be like until you land, but it's great to have if you need it.

    We used it on our trip in June (because we were afraid of another entry like last October) and didn't need it - but it was still a luxury to have someone meet you at the gate and whisk you through the airport.

    Good luck deciding

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    Well, we pay between 3-8 thousand dollars for our trip. What's another 160 for peace of mind!

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