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    When I am here, I can say that I am here.
    When I am there, I can still say, I am here.
    Being there is far better than being here.
    When I am there, it feels good to say Iím here.
    Here can become there, but there can not become here.
    There is always where I long to be, but here is where I am.
    When I am there, I hardly think of being here.
    But when I am here, I always think of being there.
    Then there are times when I am neither here nor there.
    I donít want to be here any longer, but still unable to go there.
    Here is only wonderful when I am there. Quite different than being here.
    Our time is near to be there. I am anxious to get out of here.

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    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Crabracer - Brilliant as always, the only contention I might have is that even when I am there, I still don't think here is wonderful. In fact, if it were not for the kids I don't think I would think of here at all.

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    Thanks Plantersman I only think here is wonderful while I'm here. It helps me cope.

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    In my mind I am always there.

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