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    Default Annoucing the October 21 Couplicious Wednesday Escape offer

    Greetings to Lovers Everywhere:

    Here are the details for the October 21 CWE

    Name: Explore Ochi
    Resorts: CSS and CTI
    Categories: All
    Booking window: 12:01 am – 11:59 pm October 21, 2009
    Travel Window: February 20 – April 2, 2009

    Offer: Guests who book a a stay for seven nights or more at either Couples Sans Souci or Couples Tower Isle in any category for travel February 20 – April 2, 2010, inclusive, will receive a $300 room credit to be used for optional excursions NOT already included at either resort. With so many options in the Ocho Rios area, this is a great value. Have you considered a Canopy Tour or trip to author Noel Coward's Firefly or an exhilarating trip down a Jamaican Bobsled?

    Ocho Rios is the best place to explore.
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    Default minimum stay?

    Randy - is there a minimum stay requirement to take advantage of the $300 credit?

    Also - for anyone of thinking of doing excursions outside of Couples - go for it!! We did the Jamaican bobsled and the ATV offroad trip to Dunns River and then another one to 9 Mile. Both great trips and we look forward to doing them again since the ATV jeep ride was in a monsoon downpour, which was still a lot of fun!!! The great thing about the offroad trip - you get to see more of the area around Ochi - the people and views are just absolutely beautiful!!!

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    Seven night minimum stay.

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    So we wouldn't be able to take advantage if we are traveling Aug 7-15 2010?? : (

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    Default Firefly

    Can you please describe more about the Fire Fly excursion?

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    sshik -

    About 20miles (32km) east of Ocho Rios in Port Maria firefly was once Sir Noel Coward’s vacation home and is now maintained by the Jamaican Heritage Trust. Although the setting is Eden-like, the house is surprisingly Spartan, considering that he often entertained jet-setters and royalty.

    Noel Coward’s mountaintop Jamaican home and burial site is an American-free zone. The tropical sanctuary high above the brassy resorts and impoverished towns of Jamaica, links the Caribbean island’s present with its glamorous past.

    He wrote High Spirits, Quadrille, and other plays here, and his simple grave is on the ground next to a small stage where his works are occasionally performed. Tours include time in the photo gallery and a walk through the house and grounds, viewing of a video on Coward. Faded photos on the walls tell the story: Noel Coward with the Queen Mother; Sean Connery, Errol Flynn; Joan Sutherland. To end your tour you can enjoy a drink in the gift shop.

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    Default randymon's reply

    thank you so much for that description - I think I would value the sunshine and the sand at the resort rather than Sir Noel Coward's house - maybe it was fun back then - but it seems too tame for me today!

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