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    We're trying to arrange to go to CSA for the 4 days around T'giving. We've been before and have stayed in GVS, BFVS and BFS, but are in penny pinching mode and if we go we'll be in the Garden Suites. Can anyone give us their f/b about these rooms? We know we won't spend much time in the room, but would appreciate any f/b ppl can provide about their experience - We never paid real attention to those rooms, and looking at the photos, it seems that each room does have a full balcony/terrace w/a chair and sofa - is this the case?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    The big difference in the garden room is that they do not have a tv or mini bar. They say every room has a balcony/terrace.
    Irie Mon

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    These rooms do have a full balcony (from what I remember, I believe they are actually larger than the verandah suite balconies) with both a chair and sofa. The rooms are very adequate and have a similar feel to the verandah suites. Biggest differences: no TV, no minibar, and no bath tub. These rooms have a large shower instead of a bath tub (true also with the BFS?). In addition, the partition that separates the bathroom from the bedroom does not go completely to the ceiling (an issue for some). We stayed in a Garden Suite for our honeymoon and had a wonderful experience!

    Mark & April
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    We stayed in one on our first trip. We've stayed in garden and ocean verandahs on subsequent trips. Honestly, I like the garden suite rooms better than the verandahs. For us, the only downfall to the garden suite is the lack of mini bar, and that's the only reason we haven't booked it again. But as for the room itself, I liked it. I liked the vaulted ceiling on the top floor, the deck/patio seemed bigger and I liked the rocking chair lounge better than the couch built into the wall in the verandahs. I liked being surrounded by all of the foliage. And I liked the "closet" area better; it felt like there was more room to store our clothes. The road noise has never bothered me in any of the rooms we've had. I would book a garden suite again if they would just get mini bars in them. I like to have cold water available (the pitcher just doesn't cut it) and to make up drinks in the room before dinner.

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    Just a thought.... for literally only $30 more (total, not per person), you could book an Atrium Suite and get the sofa AND a hammock. The Atriums are fantastic, and I would highly recommend going this route. Plus, then you don't have to worry about road noise, etc.

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    Try it. You won't be sorry. If you think that any road noise would bother you, take along a pair of ear plugs and save the $$ on a room that is in a more central location.

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    We stayed in one on our honeymoon and we were just fine with it.We have since upgraded to gvs and bvs but I wouldn't hesitate to book one again.They all have a porch or verandah with a table, couch and I think we had another chair too.The vegetation was lush and we didn't have a problem with noise.The front door faced the road.The verandah faced a nice path and we were close to the Palms and we had a quick walk for coffee in the morning.We love the minibar and tv so that is the only reason we upgrade or we would stay in the garden suite to save some $$.Have a GREAT trip!

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    Thanks to all for your responses!

    I know there's no such thing as a "bad room" at CSA, and I appreciate your detailed comments on the GS rooms we've stayed in GVS and didn't mind the noise, so I don't think that's an issue, and the BFS have showers only, again not a problem....And Vee, I'll take your advice and check out the Atriums - didn't realize they were so inexpensive at that time of year!!

    Hope we make it down!!

    Thanks again!!!

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    Do the rooms in the Great House have hammocks?

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    Kristy, no. Only the Atriums have hammocks. The great house verandah's are the same as the Garden/Ocean/Beachfront Verandahs, they are just in the Great House instead.

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    sounds good
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