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    I may have missed this thread so please excuse me if I did.

    Did anything ever come of the thoughts for adding perks to the couple who has new couples come to Couples? : ) I recently convinced two couples to book their vacation at CN. I'm curious if anything more came of the thread discussion in the summer.

    Either way I'm thrilled with Couples and can't wait to come home

    Thanks all.

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    Very good question. Maybe it was dropped due to the Wednesday specials.
    Irie Mon

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    The only reason we didn't book a second Couples vacation in 2009 was because our daughter got married in August. Besides chipping in money to the wedding, it used up vacation time to attend.

    However... the happy couple went to CN for their honeymoon, after having heard us raving about it after our last three visits. We haven't heard of any reward from Couples for having referred them, but seeing their smiles afterwards as well as seeing their emails while they were at CN were thanks enough.

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    Default Discount or free nights

    What you are doing is often rewarded, so I would be be surprised. You should ask Couples directly.
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    Greetings: we simply are unable to agree on the relevant referral program that (1) can be automated and (2) does not cost the company too dearly.

    We have not given up, however, nothing yet.

    Couples Resorts

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    i don't think anyone is looking for a major rewards program....something simple would do. I work in sales and used to work for a company that rewarded those for referrals and it gets tough to prove and track. Feelings do get hurt sometimes because if it can't be proven then the person who referred doesn't get about a nice personal thank you from Randymon?? Keep it simple, we all love couples no matter what you give us or do for us!

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    Couples was such a great experience for us, I find myself telling people about it all the time. I manage a sporting goods store and have people come in almost daily that are either getting ready for a trip south or just got back. We often end up in deep conversations about our destinations and the resorts we choose.
    After our trip to CSA last January, I posted a review on another travel site and have had email from people all over asking questions about Couples. So far, 4 of them have gone to Couples that I know of and loved it.
    When you find a great thing, it's hard not to share it!
    I have never seen an advertisement for Couples here in Toronto and they are never in the newspaper travel section. I feel we owe it to Couples to spread the word and make them as successful as possible. We look forward to our Couples vacations for months as I'm sure many of you do too. The warm and fuzzy feeling you get from nudging another couple to Couples is reward enough!

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    Default Referral Programs

    Referral Programs do not cost the companies money! Business prospers by not purchasing advertising; instead making use of word of mouth marketing, (example: Marnies'home of Toronto). Could you just imagine how much $$$ could be made from these high yield guests?! Clearly, no advertsing required
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