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    Default Rum Punch in Couples Airport Lounge?

    My wife and I always book the earliest flights into Montego Bay so we can get to the resort as early as possible. Arriving at the Couples Lounge in the morning is great except when greeted with only soda or Red Stripe Beer as beverage options. A nice rum punch would go down so much easier in the morning and kick start our Jamaican vacation. Beer works okay in the afternoon but how about a nice island morning drink? Can this become an offering? Please???

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    I would like that too but I remember a thread in the past that they are restricted to what they can serve in the lounge if I remember right.
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    They don't have a license to sell (of give away) anything but beer. It's not as easy as it may sound.
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    I second this motion. I am more than happy to drink a Red Stripe in the Couples lounge at any time of day. But the wife does not like beer. A rum punch would be a great addition to the offerings in the lounge. Then we could both enjoy our first Jamaican beverage together.

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    Wally is right, that don't have a license for liquor, only beer. But Club MoBay does have a license for liquor and they offer Rum Punch. So book Club MoBay and you get your wish.
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    I don't drink beer pack 4 little nips of rum ( in a zip lock baggie) in the front pocket of our checked bag. Once we're through customs and get to the Couples lounge I pull out my mini bottles and grab a Pepsi and mix up my cocktail for the ride! We each use 2 nips for our soda and it means our vacation has officially started! Everyting Irie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    They don't have a license to sell (of give away) anything but beer. It's not as easy as it may sound.
    We've been going to Jamaica since the Reagan administration. Then there were no license issues. The rum was flowing from the time you arrived at the resort lounge at Sangster and kept coming when on the bus, and again when you walk into the lobby of the resort. For that matter, it did not stop for the rest of the week....Ya Mon! Those were also the days that you could not find a Burger King, KFC or Pizza Hut there either.

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    This subject is already covered in another thread.

    Carrie said she is going to bring this up with management. Maybe we will see this happen soon.
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    I've seen it happen, but perhaps I shouldn't mention it.

    At a later date there was none available.

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    If it is a permit issue,another option that could be nice for a morning drink would be mimosas or seasonal champagne cocktail (such as sorrel and champagne at the holidays). Generally, beer and wine are covered under the same permit.

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