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    Default Rainy weather activities

    Ok, so it's looking like next week is going to be tad bit wet. I'm heading down to CTI next week for my honeymoon and just wondering what activities there will be to keep us entertained when we're not hiding out in our room?

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    Hoping the storm misses you! But just in case, CTI does have a fitness center and a game room (which at last visit had several board games besides a pool table and ping pong.) I'm sure there will be lots of folks huddled under the roof at The Patio which houses the main bar, and there is the Piano Bar at night. I would think they would be able to move some of their planned games and such to the Patio too. I've also heard of folks bringing a deck of cards and befriending others to join in on some card games. Congrats on your honeymoon, and may the sun shine brightly next week!

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    You know what to do

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