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    Default Enhance your CTI trip...Hug Ava for me...Hugs

    Ok guests going to CTI..You want to add an extra perk to your trip?
    Seek out Ava..Yes,seek Ava out and say Hi to her for Tommywommy.
    Ava is an outstanding CTI employee that does a wonderful job in taking care of CTI's guests.

    ***Do not let her put you to work***
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    Ava working me to death at CTI

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    Ava stilling working me..Ava said "no work no Salty Dogs".
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    Whoa...Pretty neat of me putting at CTI thread on a CSS sight.

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    I never knew that you went to the Island at CTI. Did you find your shade?
    Irie Mon

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    jon1963...Peggy and I went before 9 AM..The island is amazing and I see why so many love it.
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