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    Default In 2015 does CSA have UK plug sockets?

    Hello, I'm new to the boards and planning my wedding/honeymoon at CSA March 2016. 1st time to Couples, 5th to the island. My previous hotel in Ocho Rios had a UK plug socket (3 square pin) which we did not need an adapter for. When I've had to use an adapter on other islands my hairdryer / tongs barely heat up, not really worth the bother. So my question is to those who have stayed this year as previous threads are quite old now - thanks.

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    Hi - we were there in February and the sockets were US style (2 flat prongs)so you will need an adapter. As you have discovered some things dont work so well but your phone, camera battery ipad etc will be fine. My hair is thick medium length and I find the hairdryers at CSA work very well. I've got a Nicki Clarke dual voltage hair styler which I always take, but to be quite honest its hardly worth the effort in that humidity - two minutes out of the room and my hair is curling!

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    My recollection is that all electric is U.S. style.

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    Thank you. Just get a bit bored of beach hair everyday.

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