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    Default Babymoon at CSA?

    Hey everyone,

    Probably not a rare case but we were here for the 2nd time on our honeymoon October of last year and will be returning this October for 3rd time and our 1 year anniversary, but will have an extra person coming along for the journey. We wanted to get another Couples trip under our belt since we have our first child on the way and for precautionary reasons would like to make the trip here in the event that children slow the annual trips down to the beautiful Negril beach.

    I am just wondering if anybody here has baby moon'd here before? Our original idea was to go somewhere that wasn't all inclusive so that I could pay for drinks as I go as my wife cannot drink but since we love CSA so much we want to get another trip in. Does anybody know of Babymoon packages? Spa treatments for moms to be? Yoga classes? They obviously like to pride themselves making a great environment to make a baby (and they do a great job) but I am curious if they offer anything for people who are already pregnant? I just want to find a way to make my wifes trip more enjoyable while we are there so it is not just her loungin in a beach chair watching me slug down those delicious Bushwhackers all day. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Here is a link to our honeymoon last year. We had a great time!

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    Good day.

    We just got back from CSA last week and saw plenty of bellies on the resort; we were quite shocked at how many pregnant moms stayed during our time. We also wondered how many of those conceptions took place at CSA.
    When I asked, they do not offer prenatal massages, yet; although you may be able to do a reflexology session and hand/foot massage.


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