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    Default Cn week of Oct 7-14

    Our arival to MBJ from Boston was right on time. We got into Jamaica by 11 am. We got through customs with no problem, very short lines. We headed to the Couples Lounge for a quick beer and we were all on our way. The van was just the six of us ( brothers,sister, and spouses) so we decided to not stop and go straight to the resort. We had been up since 12:30 am for our flight so we wanted to get there and relax! We were there in 1 1/2 hours, a little traffic during construction but not much. We checked in with no problem.I think it made a big difference arriving on a Wednesday. We went to our room but didn't quite like it so we got changed to Building 1, third floor. The two other couples were in Building 2, third floor. Since CSA has always been our home, we decided to check things out to see how CN compared. It is much smaller than CSA, but the grounds were very nice. I was REALLY disappointed to learn the slot machines were gone. We don't spend a lot of time there, but we liked to stop in for a quick fix before dinner. Since we were all exhausted we figured that was our reasons for being a little disappointed. We went to Lychee that night and really enjoyed it. We all went to bed very early that night. The next morning we all felt so much better and explored again and went to the beach. We played bocci for awhile, went in the ocean, relaxed till lunch etc. Our feelings toward CN gradually started to change that day. We tried every restaurant. All of them were great. We took the snorkel trip, shopping trip, diving, played games with the GREAT staff etc.
    Saturday night came and the great anticipated Anniversary Party was here. I cannot describe how great it was. I have never seen so much great food, drinks, desserts etc. The staff were great. The highlight of the night was meeting Randymon. He is really a gentleman, and so sweet!
    The Repeater's dinner was awesome. It was another great night. We met a few couples from the message board. Tammi and Jason, Fred and Becky, Suze and Joe, and our new friends Jamie and Gary(we had a great time hanging out with you!)
    CN exceeded our expectations. I really wanted to leave and say CSA will always be our favorite.I think you get more individualized attention from the staff here, since it is smaller. Konrad from food and beverage was fantastic. He called our room to make sure we were happy with our mini bar and to see if we needed anything. Whenever we saw him on the resort he spoke to us and remembered our names. It seems more of a close knit feeling at CN. So, as we were leaving we all decided that we would be back. Next time it will be for 10 days. We will try to do a split, 5 days at CN and 5 days at CSA. It was as usual a great vacation at Couples! We have visited three now. Maybe someday we will try CSS.
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