Greetings to all:

I was privileged to read two wonderful love letters yesterday:

#1 -

"A Love Letter to My Beloved and Most Beautiful Wife, Donna

From the very first time I laid eyes on you
My heart was captured by your beauty
And every time I would think of you after that moment
My heart would pound and my soul would sing

The seed of your love was planted deep within me
And it grew even more with each passing moment
Until it blossomed into the greatest love of all
A couple so deeply in love and devoted to each other

My love for you was always apparent to me, as I would gaze into your eyes
And see the whole world in those beautiful blue portals to your soul
And when I gaze away to catch a glimpse of my surroundings
I see those sparkling eyes everywhere around me

With you by my side I long for nothing, because I have it all
Your hand in mine, my lips kissing yours, and playful sensual interludes
Enjoying new romantic adventures and erotic pleasures
Bringing us ever closer together while continuously stoking that fire

Over the years our marriage would be tested by life altering events
That would have crushed most loving couples long ago
But we would endure and our love and commitment
Would become stronger despite the darkness that engulfed us

I am so fulfilled by this love we share and the life we have together
Our two amazing children, now adults, are evidence of a very special bond
That brings us such joy in life that we must never take it for granted
But instead put it on a pedestal and hold it up for all the world to see

Every day I wake to see your smile and kiss your lips
I think to myself how lucky I am to have found my soul mate
In the most caring and selfless woman a man could ever dream of
Who is also my very best friend, avid supporter, and devoted mother

And I’ll never be able to tell you in exact words
Or through my interactions or deepest thoughts
Just how happy, how grateful, how lucky I consider myself
To be married to you

So thank you my Love for being there,
For supporting me, our life, our eternity
I'll do the same for you,
My Beautiful Loving Wife.

Your Loving and Devoted Husband,

And #2-

"Billie, I adore you.

You are the most wonderful woman that I have ever known. You make me feel loved and, perhaps more importantly because of my past, you make me feel worthy of love.

I have missed much in life because I did not have a companion. You are the companion that I’ve wanted for so long. You are the companion with whom I desire to share life’s adventures.

You are a loving and supportive friend with whom I can share my innermost secrets. I strive to be a loving and supportive friend to you.

I will help you carry life’s burdens.

I will lovingly encourage you to stretch out to be all that you can be.

For much too long in my life, I have kept love bottled up inside of me, perhaps out of fear … perhaps for want of someone with whom I could feel safe in opening that bottle. You have not only been willing but have embraced the love that flows from it. I will share the intimacy of my heart with you.

At times, when I feel myself sinking, I think of you… your constant smile… your arms outstretched to welcome me home no matter how bad your day has been. I will look into your eyes, so full of love, or feel my hand in yours and know that you are the woman that I will love until the end of my days.


Every time I THINK I will simply read the letters and NOT get misty-eyed, I begin thinking about the depth of my love for my darling wife Deborah and I start to sniffle....

Thanks to everyone over the past two years who have given me the honor of reading your letters.

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