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    Default Visiting CTI first week of September - dive & golf questions

    We are looking forward to our stay at CTI and are really excited to hear from others about their experiences in particular with dive, snorkeling & golf. Other than the details posted by Couples can you add anything about using the golf portion of this package? We are both OW PADI divers but have not completed a NITROX certification. Is this required to dive and if so does resort offer qualification? How long does it take and what is the charge if so? The website for CTI related activities list "many" snorkeling adventures available daily. Can anyone offer advice on which ones were the best or which ones to avoid? I am looking forward to hearing your advice. Thanks for helping us make the most out of our week in Jamaica.

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    Golf at CTI is played at the Sandals Upton Golf Club in the hills of Ocho Rios. It is about 30 minutes from CTI by bus. It is a very pretty and somewhat hilly course in very good condition. A caddie is mandatory and cost about $20.00 each. Add another $15.00 each for the cart. The caddies work for tips(usually $10.00 to $20.00 each person. They are very good and know the course very well(especially the greens). My favorites have been Guy, Sophie, Squeakie and Blossom(she caddied for us this past July 13).
    The Upton Golf Course is the home of the Annual Couples Resorts Charity Golf Tournament held the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day every January. This coming January 17, 2016 will be the sixteenth annual one. As part of the Charity, Couples pays the costs of the Caddies and the Carts. The only thing that the players have to worry about is a tip for their Caddie. All registration monies go to the charities. Any other questions just ask.

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    jgsaks, that was a very information packed reply. Thanks for taking the time and energy. I am assuming we will book a tee time and transportation through CTI but if there is any more complex planning required your continued guidance would be great. Now that I know the name of the course I can find it online. Again thanks for all the help.

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    The sandals course is much nicer than the negril hills course. I've also played the course at runaway bay, which is much flatter and not as nice as Sandals and negril.

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    I forgot to mention clubs, attire and shoes. You must wear a collared shirt(whether knit or golf type). I usually wear sneakers or docksiders instead of golf shoes. Either is acceptable. As for clubs. . . .You can bring your own or rent a very nice set of clubs in very good condition. Sixteen years ago when Alan & Josie Kline and Jane and myself started the tournament I bought a set of Wilson Prostaff which are kept n Jamaica by a musician friend who does Sing-along in the piano bar on Wednesday Nights. His name is John Davies and he is terrific.

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    They do not have Nitrox at CTI. Just go and sign up as soon as you can for diving. Make sure you have your cards with you. We dive every day when we're there, there are some nice sites. If you haven't dived in over a year you may need to take a quick refreasher.

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    Thanks so much - we are bringing clubs and snazzy golf attire :O The tournament sounds like something we would like to do in the future....we still have a couple of years until retirement then we plan to golf and dive as much as possible. I will look up John I love piano bars and have been known to sing a little too loudly after a few adult beverages.

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    Thanks Dandj. We have all our stuff up to date for dives. I hope the weather cooperates on our visit so we can get a dive or two in. We will hot foot on down to sign up when we arrive.

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    NITROX is not required for diving at CTI. Just have your cards sign up and enjoy. We did our AOW CERT at CN a few years ago. It was a lot of fun and worth it.

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    With the golf excursion, you don't have to schedule a tee time; the bus will just take everyone at the same time. However, this can cause a cluster at the pro shop when you're paying and then waiting to start. If time is a concern (and who doesn't want to get back to the resort quickly), think about taking a taxi up the hill before the free bus and scheduling your tee time with the course directly. This *could* save you an hour, depending on how busy the course is that day. If there's only a couple of people on the bus, and no other groups from other resorts when you get there, then you'll have wasted a $10 taxi ride. It's a good gamble in my opinion. I've played there three times, and twice the wait was pretty long to get started.

    By the way, if you're going schedule the tee time directly with the course and not take the bus, make sure Couples knows this and gives you the voucher for playing.

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