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    Default Wouldn't you like to be able to book a specific room?

    I've seen a number of posts regarding favorite rooms and such. While we're able to book a category and request a specific location with Couples (and I'm speaking specifically of Swept Away, since the buildings are so spread out), the request is just a request, and is subject to availability at time of check-in.

    I can't help but wonder why the Couples booking engine can't be a little more like the booking engines used for cruise ships, where you can see specifically what rooms are available for the dates you want to travel, and can make a firm reservation allocation for a specific room.

    Wouldn't that be a feature you would like to see?

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    I would think that would be quite unmanageable. On a cruise ship everyone arrives and departs on the same day - at the resort there is a constant turnover of guests. If everyone reserved a specific room for specific days the result would be having to relocate people in the middle of their stay or leaving rooms unsold some nights to accommodate arrivals.


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    Cruise ship rooms are a completely different animal to book, everyone is arriving and departing at the same day and time for a particular cruise, so room selection can be guaranteed. This is not so on a resort as people arrive and depart on any day of the week, have different length of stays, and even extend vacations or cut them short. Therefore, room selection cannot be known until arrival. Nice thought, but probably not possible.

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    I don't think this would work, practically speaking. Since many reservations for CSA are made months, sometimes more than a year, ahead and often changes are made in the interim period between booking and actually arriving on site. If you watch the room recommendations on the message board you will see there is a very limited number of rooms that get the "our favorite room" designation. Since the rooms within each category are nearly identical it is the location that seems to make a select few rooms most desirable. Room assignment on arrival just seems to be the most fair way. We have requested specific rooms, or even buildings, on our last few trips and have not been able to get exactly what we asked for. We have not even been able to always get a second floor Atrium (our preferred) in any building as the second floor Atriums are most always the first choice for those that have a preference. However, with that we have expanded our wish list of rooms/buildings that we ask for on arrival and have come the conclusion that there really is no bad room at CSA.
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    It is a lot easier for cruise ships to do this as everyone arrives and leaves on the same day. Couples needs the flexibility that comes with not allowing you to pick a specific room so that they can slide people round to make it easier to fill to capacity. I.E. You are leaving on Tuesday and like a specific room. I'm arriving on Thursday and like the same room. So you select it for your dates and I select it for mine. Then that leaves the room unoccupied for Tuesday night and Wednesday night unless they have someone who is only staying two nights. Otherwise they have to move your reservation or mine and then one of us are not happy as we didn't get the room we requested.

    Totally understand your request but just don't think it is feasible for a resort like Couples.

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    Unlike a cruise people are checking in and out of the resort on all the days of a week. I've never understood the need to ask for a certain room,we've seen a few people start their vacation out on a sour note because they couldn't get the one "perfect" room. We've always just asked for what floor we would like (mobility issues) and left the rest up to them, we've never been disappointed.

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    Having worked for high end hotels and resorts for about 15 years, I've NEVER seen a hotel/resort allow booking a specific room by room number! Oh wait...that's incorrect. I did a number of events where one of the guests was The President. He got a specific room by number. Actually, the entire floor, the one above it, and the one below it ��.

    It is nearly impossible to guarantee a room. What if the prior guest doesn't leave on time? The room floods? A group requiring a block of rooms together makes a reservation? Dozens of reasons this isn't possible.

    CSA, like most properties, do what they can to accommodate ALL guests.

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    Respectfully, the technology certainly exists. While indeed cruises in the states have passengers all arriving and departing on the same day, many cruises run by lines in the Mediterranean (such as MSC) treat each port as an embarkation port, so you can join the cruise on any day. It is true, however, that once you join, you occupy the room for a 7 day block.

    Suzi, of course there are exigent circumstances, as there are on cruise ships, where a room becomes unavailable for a maintenance or other issue, but that's the exception rather than the rule.

    Perhaps kurt and Angie's point is more on the nose...since guests can stay any number of days, you would certainly end up with fragmented occupancy on some rooms, so while technologically possible, it may not be economically feasible for a resort with as few rooms as CSA.

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    For me, although I do have preferences as to building/floor, I won't let that impact my vacation too much. Any room at Couples is fine by me. (and for those with mobility issues, I know from experience that Couples does a great job accommodating as best they can)

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