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    Default Book Flight with resort or separate?

    We are coming to CSA for our 10 year wedding anniversary next May and can anyone recommend booking with or without airfare?

    Also, where do you book your trip through for the best price?

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    We book through a travel agent. Price isn't everything to us. Here's why.

    A travel agent will have access to special pricing that isn't available to the general public. Ever wonder what those special password protected travel agent links do on a travel website, including the Couples booking section? They get a better rate because they book many trips per year vs 1 or 2 trips from a private party. Yes, the travel agent will tack on their fees. But all in all, it isn't a whole lot more than if you booked the trip yourself.

    The travel agent is trained and knows exactly what to do. They know where to find the best deals.

    We also spend the extra money for the travel insurance. It can pay unexpected medical expenses while you travel. It can also greatly reduce the cost of you need to change your travel dates. We had to do this once. We book our trips about 6 months out. A lot can happen in 6 months. Something important came up and we had to change our travel dates. Yes there was a fee, but a lot less than if we had no insurance. Also, our travel agent handled all of the details for the entire trip.

    Here's the main reason we use a travel agent. What if something unexpected happens along the way? What if a connecting flight is delayed or cancelled? Now what do you do when you are stuck in a strange city? We had this happen to us once. A connecting flight was cancelled for maintenance. Not delayed, cancelled! The airline offered to put us up in a motel over night and put us on a space available list the next day. The airline would have even given us $6 each for food. How much food can you buy for $6 and where are you going to find it in a strange city. We also would not have our luggage. But all we needed to do was to call our travel agent. In a very short time she had us on another flight. All we lost was a couple of hours of our time. Much better than sitting in a strange city in a motel room instead of being on the beach.

    Yes, it may cost us a little more money using a travel agent. But it is worth it to us to let them handle all of the details for our trip. Much better than asking strangers on a forum where to find the best deals. Cheaper is not always better.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 201 more days until we return to Couples

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    My wife, having worked in the travel business for 20+ years, always books separately... Airline/seating (First class etc.) options aren't always available through the resorts booking site or others...

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    Most times I book separately as I can find as good or better rates than a hotel or TA offers. This time, Couples had a better rate than anyone (even a travel agent) could get for us. I still used the agent as at least someone I know made some money off my trip, that's what the special login is for

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