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    Default Dinner on the Beach or Island at TI

    We are planning our anniversary trip and will be booking at Couples Tower Isle. I'm looking at some of the added romance options and am wondering how the private dinners work. Specifically, do we which restaurant the food comes from or is it always from a specific restaurant or specific menu that's offered?

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    Hi Kristina,

    Great question! The private dinners have a separate menu aside from the restaurants, which you can view at Guest Services upon arrival.

    We look forward to welcoming you soon!
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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    If I might interject. We have had 3 dinners on the island and are going for #4 in 30 days! there is a cook on the island with you, I know he grills the steaks and fish right there.

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    We went to CTI in May 2015 and I must say that purchasing the island dinner was the best choice that we made! It was romantic, private and they paid the utmost attention to detail. The food was spectacular and made for us right on the island by our personal chef. I am vegetarian and they made special adjustments for me prior to dinner for what I would have that evening to eat. That made me very happy and impressed that they were able to accommodate my dietary needs. It was my birthday, and when we were taking the short boat ride over from the resort, we were asked if we were there for anything special. My husband told them that it was my birthday. When it came time for the dessert portion of the meal, our waiter brought over a personalized cake with a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me. It was so unexpected and such a pleasant surprise! We will never forget our time at CTI!

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