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    Default First time to Couples, Honeymoon - CSS or CSA?

    Hello ! My fiancé and I are looking to book our honeymoon at one of the couples resorts in June/July 2016. I have been researching and going back and forth between CSS and CSA for quite some time now ! I just love the romantic and tropical look at CSS, but I'm amazed by the pictures of the beach/ocean at CSA. This will be my first time in Jamaica, and first time out of the U.S. for a tropical vacation and I have some questions about the resorts...

    1. How do the rooms/beaches & water quality differ from CSS & CSA?
    2. Which excursions that are not included at each resort are fun/most worth it?
    3. How is the night life at CSS? Have heard night life at CSA is more active/fun.
    4. Finally, how are the restaurants at each resort?

    THANK YOU for reading & I look forward to hearing replies!
    Bri & Dylan

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    Even though we've never been (only been to CN and CSS), I would probably recommend CSA to you, because you're on your honeymoon, because it's your first trip to Jamaica, and because it has; the catamaran cruise (careful the rum punch is made with over proof rum!), the awesome beach you should see at least once (Ranked #9 of the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean on Trip Advisor's 2015 Travelers' Choice), more dining options, and potential for better night life. I think if you appreciate all CSA has to offer, then maybe on your return trip to celebrate your anniversary, you check out CSS.

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    Csa all the way. Been to both and love csa much more. Email me at if you'd like some pics.

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    The water at csa is gorgeous, not nearly as pretty at css imo. No comparison there. Csa has the catamaran cruise that's a MUST DO, css doesn't have one because of the reef out front. Food at both resorts is outstanding, csa just has way more choices.

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    Congratulations- ill first say you cant go wrong with either. We visited CSS last yr, for the first time, after several trips to CSA-just for a change.

    1) rooms are a wash-i call them "rustic", but beautiful views available from both- no comparison on the beach issue, as CSA is as good as it gets. We did enjoy the beach at CSS, but as you will hear, it is murky and choppy most of the day. CSA the water is clear as for as you can see, and is very much like being in a giant bath tub(in aug/sept), very calm.
    2) last year in Ocho we went off the resort to go to the Blue Hole, and had lunch at scotchies-wonderful experience-and well worth taking a 1/2 day away. that is our only experience in leaving the resort- we find it hard to leave.
    3) id submit it is a little bit more laid back at CSS-we would generally break off on our own to enjoy the "less traveled" areas in the evening. CSA is as exciting as the group that is there during your stay. we very much enjoy the piano bar and lounge each night, but some trips the place is much more exciting than other times.
    4) We have been pleased with the options and quality at both, i gain 6 to 10 pounds during our stays, so im probably not a good person to ask about the food

    Good luck, i hope you have a great time- I would add if you are going to be there for long enough, you could always do a split stay......maybe 3 days at CSS, and enjoy the free transfer to CSA for what is left of your trip. Both venues have there appeal, CSS is quite romantic-we will visit again some time. hope this helps, mike

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    Have to agree with softail19...
    We love CSS and CSA, for different reasons...but for me...the beach/water at CSS is a deal breaker. I hate seaweed and yucky sea bottom and CSS has both. That doesn't bother some people but after floating at CSA in that gin clear water...ahhhhh. And the cat cruise would be lots of fun for first timers!
    That being said...CSS is going through a remodel so you'd experience a new updated resort!

    You'll have a wonderful time at either place...after's your honeymoon! Congrats!

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    Thank you for the replies! All of the information is so helpful
    Bri & Dylan

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    thank you! I sent you an e-mail. looking forward to seeing some pics
    Bri & Dylan

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    I've been to both CSA (five times) and CSS (once). Given the numbers, you can probably guess my suggestion. But in reality, it comes down to what things are most important to you. The good news is that you can't possibly make the wrong choice here, since both properties are fabulous and you will have an amazing time at either one.

    If the beach is critical to you, I strongly suggest CSA. It is the most amazing beach I have ever seen -- so great, that you will find yourself doing only a small fraction of what you have planned because you cannot get away from the sand/water. I spent many, many hours just floating in the water, especially in the last few hours before sunset, and it was the best part of my last trip. The CSS beach, while perfectly fine in comparison to random beaches around the world, simply cannot compare to Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

    If peace and quiet are critical to you, CSS may be a better choice. The entire property is filled with amazing nooks and crannies to spend a quiet moment, and the beach does not have the beach vendors that you will experience at CSA. (The vendors do not bother me a bit, but I know other feel differently.)

    If you want to try AN sunbathing, keep in mind that CSA is the only Couples resort that doesn't offer it as an option (though you could do Trading Places to CN for a day).

    In terms of excursions, as others have said, the catamaran cruise is great fun, and is not offered at CSS. On the other hand, climbing Dunn's River Falls is an amazing experience, and it's not offered at CSA. Other than that, I think you will find most of the resort's inclusions to be largely the same at the two properties (scuba, snorkeling, etc.). There are plenty of offsite excursion options at either property, though you will find more variety at CSS, since it's in Ocho Rios and caters to the cruise line traffic. But for a first trip and honeymoon, you likely will not get off property much unless you're staying at least two weeks. There's just too much to do at the resort and with the included activities. (And by the way, if you are going for two weeks, why not split your stay between the two resorts; they'll even transfer you between them for free.)

    Finally, in terms of the rooms, I suspect you'll have "nicer" options at CSS, since the resort is currently closed for remodeling. But I love the charm of the rooms at CSA, and if you want to be right on the sand, the Beachfront Suites or Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA are wonderful. For either property, don't think 5-star Vegas resort; think Caribbean chic, and you'll probably love any of the room choices.

    Good luck with the planning!

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