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    Default I Think It's Time To Say Goodby,

    My husband and I have spent 7 wonderful vacations at CSA. We have made many friends there and still love it more than ever. But now I think it's our time to maybe look for a new "home". My husband Tim had cancer surgery 12/2013 on the back of his tongue. The surgery was very extensive but successful. After weeks of radiation and chemo he is doing very well thank God. The only problem is my loving husband can't swallow. He has to have all of his nutritution is now through a feeding tube. Tim loved to eat! While at CSA he could always be found either at a beach bar with his bartender pals or having jerk chicken! Our problem now is do we try to find a new place where it's not all-inclusive since he can't take advantage of all the food and drink or do we still stay at CSA? He can have soups and thin breakfast cereals like oatmeal and such but we will still have to bring his "canned" food. CSA is very expensive (we always stay for 2 weeks and don't want to change) as most of you know so any feedback is welcome. Thanks for listening to my babble but we need a beautiful vacation so badly!!

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    Wow, I really feel for you, I have food issues too, crohns, hiatal nernia and acid reflux plus 2 back sugeries due to prednisone use as a result so it's hard to walk. My situation of course is not meant to compare to his, but that I really have empathy for his issue. I would ask your husband's doctor what his options for travel like this are.

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    I'm not sure what to do but I wanted to wish you continued good luck. I'm hoping you can be together many more years, wherever that may be.

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    I'm sure others will respond to this as well, but I would look at Idle Awhile! Its kind of a non-AI version of CSA also owned by the Issa's. You also get access to the CSA sports complex.

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    Have you talked to the Resort/Chef. I'm sure you already know how accommodating the staff is. Why not ask if they could meet your husbands needs. I think I could survive on the soups alone. LOL. Glad to hear he is doing better and best of luck to you both.
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    Terribly sorry to hear this... My 2 cents... It would be incredibly hard for me in his position, to watch all of the amazing food go by and not being able to eat it... I can't say with any certainty how I would handle a situation like yours but I know I would also have an equally hard time dealing with never seeing that beach again... Best of luck with everything and either way you chose, you are still together, which is ultimately all that matters!!!

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    I'm sorry to hear of difficulties. When you say "canned" food, what do you mean? Is the food pureed? If that is the case, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the great chefs at CSA could prepare almost any food to the consistency that you need for the feeding tube. It's certainly something that I would look into. Tim, best of luck with the ongoing treatments.

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    I'd like to thank those of you that have responded to my post. Tim and I have been married for 27 years in august. Our 1st trip to CSA was for our 25th anniversary. At that time it wasn't a Couples resort yet. On our first trip we renewed our vows on the beach. Some of you mentioned how hard it would be for him to see all of the wonderful food available. Well he said that by now it doesn't bother him to see others eat while he can't. I don't believe him! In the 18 months since his surgery we have only eaten out one time because I don't want to sit and eat in front of him. His "canned" food is a liquid meal in a can that he pours into his feeding tube. He does make a concoction of chopped fruits and veggies with cream of wheat and cereals like that. He does this in a ninja blender thing. I think that would be ok to do in our room and I think we can get some help from the chefs. I don't want to sound "cheap" but the cost is a factor also. We would be paying for 2 people but only I would benefit from the food and beverage. I don't think there is any type of discount available for this. Well anymore opinions are welcome, especially from the resort on the price. Thanks again, maybe we'll see you there. I'll keep you posted!

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    I would check out Idle Awhile. It is a beautiful property ran by the wife of the owner of couples if I remember correctly. You also will have exchange privileges with Hide Awhile on the cliffs.

    If we were in the situation I would not give up CN because of food. There is so much more to the resort's then food. IMO.....

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    Momo..... You'll be missed!!!

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