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    Default Waterproof Camera/Camera Case?

    Hi all,

    We are headed to CTI for our first time in a short 52 days! We are so excited!! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for weather proofing a digital camera? I have a nice Olympus stylus that I would like to bring on the Dunn's trip, but also don't want to spend $300 on a weather proof case. Any info regarding this and CTI would be greatly appreciated!


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    We bought a DicaPac ( to use with my point and shoot. I looked into buying a waterproof housing for my Canon 50D but just wasn't willing to pay the $$ either. This was a great alternative. The one to fit our camera was only $30 and the pictures turned out great. I took it with us on our snorkeling trip and to Ricks and there wasn't a drop of water that got in. I did test it at home before I put my camera in it. I just put some tissue paper inside and submurged it for a while. My only complaint was the piece that allows the zoom lens to expand can shift and get in the way but if you hold it in place it works fine. I will say that we are now planning to buy a Canon D10. It is a point and shoot that is waterproof up to 30ft.

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    Many have often used a ziplock bag to protect their cameras from moisture.

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    We also have a DicaPac that we use with our Olympus Stylus and it works beautifully! Take photochick's advice with the tissue test (do each time you use it)! Definitely practice using it before your trip, as the lens case on the DicaPac can get in the way of your camera lens, causing nice black corners (see attached picture, which was taken in the water at CSA). Of course, these can be edited out when you get home.
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    Check out I picked up a case for 14.00 .. It's not the best out there, but it does the job.

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    An alternative might be a waterproof disposable camera. I bought a few from Walmart a few years ago. They take reasonably good 35 mm pics, even underwater. A plus is you won't have to worry about dropping and breaking your expensive camera.

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    Photochick. Have you tested out the photos in the tub or sink or anything yet?

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    Actually, I want to jump in here regarding disposable waterproof cameras. We did the Dunn's River trip recently and brought disposables, but the photo quality is not very good. If it's at all overcast the day you go, you're going to be lacking the amount of light you need to get good quality pictures. The waterfall has dense foliage around it to begin with, and those things need all the light they can get. Our photos are a little grainy and dark. If you have a good digital camera, a waterproof case might be a better option.

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    Yes I tested mine before we went to Jamaica but I used it every day there. It protected my camera from the water and the sand. Another good thing about the Dicapac is you trap air inside it and it floats. If you email me at I will send you the link to our pictures and you can see for yourself.

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