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    Default Who will be there?

    My elegant and gracious lady. There is a deafening silence where there should be laughter. There is an emptiness where there should be life. No one to behold your brilliance and your beauty. You are alone. And in a sense your children are alone as well. Separated from your warm embrace and loving kindness.

    The hills are quiet without your guests. Your beach is desolate without someone to walk along the shoreline. The pond, and all its inhabitants, cry out in a silent protest. Who will be there to watch the turtle, balanced on a log, stretch his long neck out to take in as much warmth from the early morning sun. Who will admire the water fowl as they glide around the still waters. Who will see the dragonfly flitting about in the morning haze. Who will marvel at all that surrounds them in this tropical paradise.

    When the sun sets in the evening, there will be on one there to admire and enjoy this natural wonder. The beach is naked. So many loungers without occupants. The exuberance that one can usually observe throughout any given day, is uncomfortably mute.

    There was no one there today to partake of any of the usual delicacies so masterfully created. No breakfast, lunch or dinner will be made. The kitchens are deserted. There is no aroma of coffee in the wind. There is no clinking of the ice cubes when having sex on the beach. No purple rain will fall today. Bob Marley has no flame. A haunting eerie silence hangs in the air.

    My elderly hostess. This interruption will not last for long. We donít like being away from you, nor do you like being away from us. And when we return, there will be much celebration. We will take delight in seeing new rooms, new color, new life for a gracefully aging matron.

    I know that you will continue to watch over your marvelous playground and keep everything safe. We loved you as you were. We will love you even more when we are, once again, reunited.

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    We will be back in December for visit number4 and have a beachfront room booked. We can't wait to get back home to see all of the new improvements to the old girl. Thanks for all of your great post Crabracer they always put a smile on my face. I can certainly see how much Couples mean to you and Sly.

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    I also enjoy Crabracer's posts. They are profound expressions of experiences at Couples. But I really enjoyed this one because my next trip home is to CSS.. Thank you for summarizing our feelings around CSS' transformation. Who will be there? I'll be home in April, 277 days and counting..

    On a side note, friends of mine chose CTI for their first trip this November, and will be there the 7th-15th, same time as Crabracer, I believe. I just told them about the message board because I want to mold them into repeaters. Richie, maybe you could help me?
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    benandmiranda It usually doesn't take very much convincing for first timers to become repeaters. I'm hoping that your friends will be on the island because that's where we spend every day. If not, I will find them in the evening. No problem. We will also be there next April too. 5-17 Maybe we can find each other on a trading places day. Thanks for your kind words concerning my writings. The past twenty years have been the most incredible period of our lives. The experiences have been rewarding and uplifting.

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    I think it would be a pleasure to meet you and Syl, but our trip to CSS is already booked for the 23-30 of April. But we have intensions on many many many more trips.. We're thinking CTI for 2017 or 2018, but haven't booked dates. So someday our paths may cross!

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    December for us, too....visit 3.

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